making soap without caustic soda

by dalia

I am trying to make organic soap without caustic soda.

I have ash from Salosa Keli and I would like to know what is the size of the kerosene tin and do I have to add the ' 2 3/4 kg of washing soda'

Thank you

Hi Dalia,

In order to make this soap recipe without using caustic soda you have to follow the recipe as is, starting with washing soda, the lime and the ash which you will need to soak overnight.

Yes, you need to add the washing soda, this is part of the recipe, and an important part at that. Without it, this soap recipe won't work.

An old kerosene tin holds 4 gallons of liquid. If you don't have a kerosene tin, then use any other container that will hold 4 gallons, and then use accordingly.

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Jan 24, 2013
cooking the mash
by: christine

Thanks for the info. Please can I know more about cooking the mash. Why cook it, and what type of mash? Thanks.

Another thing , can anyone help and give me info on how to make lye from wood ash (is it the ash we get after cooking from charcoal) to make soap. and any simple method to make liquid soap from home. Thanks a lot.


The mash is traditionally made up of corn. What you are going by heating up the mash is to get the starchy corn to break down enough to convert the starch to sugars for the yeast to feed on so that it can ferment successfully.

With regards to making lye; the answer can be found here:

Making Lye from Scratch

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