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Farm Produce

Joe Blogs' Farmshop

+44 55555555
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Farm Accommodation
Ekala Guest Farm
Guest Farm
+ 555-9890
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Farm Accommodation
Villa Romana (EXAMPLE ONLY)
+ 39 555 555
 A Villa in Tuscany

Enjoy a little slice of Paradise at Villa Romana - a 200-year-old Tuscan farmhouse on an organic working farm. Villa Romana is tucked away in the beautiful Casentino Valley; an undiscovered corner of Tuscany. Discover the Casentino; once home to Francis Assisi and the birthplace of Michelangelo.

Villa Romana sleeps 2-4 with a main bedroom on the mezzanine level with a double bed. The lounge/dining-room has a sleeper couch for additional sleeping capacity. There is a bathroom in the tower and a full kitchen with dishwasher, washing machine and tumble drier. Guests have the full use of the garden and farm to explore, including the forest in front of the house. Between the tower and the house is a semi-enclosed loggia that is perfect for all-year-round al fresco dining. It is 40sqm in size with a twelve-seater stone table and wrought iron chairs for inviting any guests over for a meal, if you desire. There is also a built-in fireplace inside the loggia that can either double up as a fire for roasting chestnuts in the winter, or for cooking barbeques in the summer.

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A Cornish Farm
Kate's Cornish Cottage
Bed and Breakfast
Poughill Village
Cornwall, England
Tel: + 44 555 5555
website (example only)
Kate's Cornish Cottage can be found on a 100 acre sheep farmjust outside the lovely village of Poughill, near Bude. Ideal for those who want to stay in the countryside, but still be close tothe beach. The cottage is fully self-contained with all modern amenities.
Sleeps 6.
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