Livestock Management and Animal Management Farm Services

Livestock management and animal management farm services offered by agricultural companies supplying advice, help, consultation services and online resources for managing your homesteading and farming animals.

Find farmers and homesteaders in your area who are offering milk shares, professional breeding services, horse agistment services, veterinary services and other livestock management services that will ensure the well-being of your farm animals.

If you have a service to offer relating to livestock management, fill in the form on our Free Agricultural Directory page.

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  Raw Milk Herd Share
Byron Bay, NSW
    We connect people, farmers and land to share-farm animal foods Website
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  Livestock ID
    Livestock-ID, is a blog dedicated to helping producers with Animal Identification. Consulting For RFID wand readers, and cattle management software. Website
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  Dairy Gene
County Cork, Ireland
    An online resource for dairy breeders Website

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