Dreams Beyond Means of Self- Sufficiency

Dreams Beyond Means of Self- Sufficiency

by Steven Scibelli
(Fayetteville N.C.)

I close my eyes and before me roll the fields of wheat, cotton, the orchards and vineyards in vast arrays of color and beauty that only one could dream of.

Was I sleeping or was this real? My mind didn't care, it didn't need an answer right now.As I gazed to the right I saw a beautiful Japanese temple that my hands had built to elaborate culture with product and to make a poignant point that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

To the left was a mountain that surrounded my childhood vision. Not only was this a mountain but a resort mountain,people actually yes really vacationed to this mountain to behold the glory, splendor and majesty of a God given gift that was a young boy's dream that had come to fruition.

As Mr.Scibelli strolled along through his childhood imagination, now the fruit of progress and toil, the young man saw a pumpkin the size of a two-story house. This to, all part of the master-plan.
The joy of this whole entourage of beauty is that it's actually part of a city called Shibzville, a tourist attraction which draws farmers and tourists alike because there are so many aspects and facets to Shibzville that no one is left out and you leave yourself out if you don't visit.

As Mr. Scibelli came upon the mountain cliff and gave an overview of all that was bestowed upon him, his eyes opened as he almost rolled of the couch.

This and so much more is what I so desire to be as a self-sufficient man. Dreams start small and grow as plenty of aspects fall into place.

For me this is a man needing the world to help support something that can grow to accoladed fame and my best desire, a fulfilled dream that would make me a self-sufficient man.

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