my wonderful dad

my wonderful dad

by darlene gendusa

Sometimes, as your looking up at the sky, watching the clouds change into something different as they move around. One could look like a bear or maybe a dog.

One day, as I was watching the clouds, there was a man in a fishing boat, with a old crazy hat on his head like my dad use to wear when he was living.

I kept watching the cloud as it got closer to me. I kept looking at it and I said to myself, "That's my dad!", then I laughed.

As the cloud floated on by me it looked like my dad in the cloud was smiling at me. So I waved bye to him as I wiped a tear from my eye.

That night, as I was watching the sunset, I thought to myself what a wonderful day it had been, seeing my dad after all these years fishing in heaven.

As the sun was going down darkness was falling I thought to myself, "Maybe my dad just came back to say hi."

My dad was the greatest dad ever. Thank you dad for always being there for me. I miss you! Have fun fishing in heaven.


Thank you so much for your story, Darlene. I lost both my parents within 2 years of one another, and so I can identify with your story completely.

Although the competition is closed for any article submissions, the page itself remains open to anyone who would like to write something that touches their hearts.

Happy memories!

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from your daughter

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