Renewable Energy Resources

Renewable Energy Resources

by Akhil Killawala

Renewable energy sources are being used all over the world. Brilliant minds have devoted their lives to finding resources that do not leek greenhouse gases into the ozone, or cost large amounts of money.

In the Video “New Energy Revolution,” it shows some of the renewable energy sources being used all over the world. For example, wind energy, solar power, Hybrid cars and using methane gas for stove fuel. These are all excellent examples of renewable energy as they are all affordable and convenient as well as being efficient. The question is, will people use them, or stay with the atmosphere damaging fossil fuels of today?

Solar power is an excellent energy resource. The sun gives us free rays, so why not use them as a power source. The video shows Japan as a country which is educating their people about the risks of keeping the current resources and providing information on renewable energy sources, like solar power. Solar power is set out in a row of panels which take in the suns energy and provides power for homes and other things. Cars can now be solely power by solar panels, creating huge possibilities. If solar energy was used world wide, along with other renewable sources, the world would be cleaner and more pleasurable to live in, knowing that the greenhouse gases are under control.

Hybrid cars are cars that run on electricity (charged) and some gas. The Hybrid car was invented to cut down the hazardous gases that are emitted by normal cars. The Hybrid car emits 90% less greenhouse gases than the normal car and inventors want to make it 100%, meaning no gases emitted. Toyota is leading the pack in terms of producing a usable, affordable Hybrid car. The car is charged at places similar to petrol stations with an electric charger that easily plugs into the front of the car. This marvellous invention only runs on gas, when it is doing speeds of 100 kilometres per hour or more. Meaning that the Toyota car is excellent for city use, where only medium speeds are reached. If more people were to invest in Hybrid cars, there would be less pollution than if they stuck with the normal cars of today.

In Vietnam, cow and pig manure and waste, is washed into a drain, where the gas is allowed to gather through pipes, then leak into a large ‘bag,’ which is situated above the stove. The Methane (the gas produced by the cow and pig manure), is then stored there and when ever they want to light the stove, the bag is tightened by adjusting a belt, and the gas is lit, flaming the stove. This procedure is very environmentally friendly as there is no need to extract it; it is just there, near the animal’s deposits. Of course this way of using renewable energy resources is not useful for people living in big city buildings, or suburbia, as they have no animals to get it from, but it is an excellent example of using your mind to think of a practical way to use natural things that will cause no destruction to the environment or the ozone layer. By thinking of ways to provide our material world with energy, we will help the world become a better place to live.

Wind is a natural occurrence, where air is pushed in a direction powerfully or gently. In places where it is powerful, wind turbines have been constructed to provide energy. Wind is a around all the time and has no limit to it. People have thought of this, and decided to create structures such as wind turbines. Wind turbines are big ‘towers’ with 3 prongs on it (similar to a wind mill) which are pushed around and around by the wind. This creates energy. The largest ‘Wind farm’ in the world is in Denmark, where 5000 wind turbines have been built. The energy is then sold and used, basically making money from wind. This is an exceptional concept of using natural energy to benefit people. The large turbine farms burn large amounts of garbage to form coal, which is then burn, creating steam. The steam powers the turbines faster, creating more energy, faster. The kill’s two birds with one stone as it decreases garbage levels and creates power at the same time. If this energy industry took off, it would benefit man to the better.

Renewable energy sources are very beneficial to the earth and it atmosphere. Many cities are struggling with obscenely unclean air which definitely does not attract people to it. It also causes an unhealthy living environment for people to live in. Fossil fuels are mainly the reason behind this large problem. 100’s of millions of cars are run daily, each time emitting dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The Hybrid car would solve these problems and decrease the pressure on the ozone layer. If more hazardous gases are given off, the Greenhouse gas effect would be in. The ice caps in the Polar Regions will melt, causing world wide flooding, completely removing many islands and severely devastating many countries both physically and economically. Other energy sources like wind energy, hydro energy and solar energy would also greatly decrease the pressure on the ozone.

The fact of the matter is, that many people of the world know of these renewable resources. They know that the ozone layer has a hole in it which is constantly increasing in size. They also know that there are other ways to gain power besides the current ways. But the fact is, hardly anyone in this current world want to do anything about it. The majority of people do not really care what is going to happen to the world in 200 years or so. If it is not going to happen in their lifetime, they will not bother to do anything. The solution is simple, get the people of this world to get excited about the idea of renewable energy. A massive task of course, but it has to be done. More money needs to be put into research so that the products are even more efficient and cheaper than before. If that happens, people will stop and listen.

My opinion is that although money may or may not be put into the research, the outcome will still be the same. Minimal amount of people will use environmentally cars because they know no better and do not want change. But I do agree to the video and saying that these are all great concepts and ideas. But the reality is, not many people like change, and trying to change the energy sources of the world will not go down well with the people and most likely be at the same status it is now, in 10 years time.

We can make a change if we take the initiative.No doubt Im only 18 years but I think i can make a change, why don't we take the initiative and make Earth a better place?

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