Food Issues: Give us your Opinion of How Safe your Think your Food is.

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Food issues are becoming big news. Just how safe is our food? We read about food concerns daily that seems to have resulted through lack of conscience in order to make bigger profits at the expense of our health. Do we need to be concerned about what we are eating these days? Is food safety a real concern or are we becoming too paranoid about our health? Or are there any real concerns that we need to speak out about?

If you would like to vent your opinion do so through the form below. We would like to see what the general consensus is. Are there more of us who are happy and content, who don't believe that we have anything to worry about, or are there more of you out there who are concerned and asking regularly, "How safe is our Food"?

Tell us what is on your mind. You can discuss any issues in food management or food concerns in general, including the use of pesticides, genetically modified foods etc.

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Do you have an opinion about current farming trends and a lack of conscience from those in the food industry?

Are you concerned about current farming trends and those involved in the food industry? Is is all about chasing the dollar and sacrificing people's health? As consumers we have seen many food scares. We've seen 'mad cows disease' develop after farmers fed their herbivore cows, meat and the latest milk scandal where the milk was diluted to make it go further and then melamine powder, usually used for making unbreakable crockery and kitchen cupboards, added to the milk to thicken it up.What is next? Where are we heading and what are the answers?

Tell us what you think?

What are others Saying?

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