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UK farm food grown on home soil has always been trusted and is of a high standard. Here you will be able to find farms selling organic fresh produce through their farm shops, farmers' markets, farm gate sales, and farm pick your own. UK farmers also offer organic vegetable boxes that are either delivered to your door, or collected from the farm. As a result, we support the ever-growing concept of Slow Food, which originated in Italy, the highly structured and certified practices in growing crops and rearing animals organically, non-intensive agriculture and food that goes from farm to fork through sustainable farming. With the growing concern of where our food is coming from, how long it is taking to get here, and what impact it is having on the environment through totally unnecessary air miles; we offer an solution alternative.

By buying your UK farm foods locally you are given peace of mind in knowing that you can trace your food as to where it has come from, and with this knowledge, through repeated purchases, a rapport of trust soon develops between the farmer and his customers, which brings back that good old-fashioned customer service that is seldom found at your local supermarket. Please support your local farm food producer and buy homegrown, quality and trusted UK produce.

With more people battling obesity and diabetes, often caused by fast food & poor eating habits, by purchasing local fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese, poultry and dairy direct, you are step closer to regaining a more balanced diet and maintaining a healthier lifestyle! And in addition to that, if you enjoy frugal living by buying produce directly from farms results in paying less for your fruit and vegetables.

By buying what is in season at the time, you are also guaranteed in finding produce that is cheaper than that which is out-of-season. Do you know what vegetables and fruits are in season now? Have a look at the link below, before you head out to your local farm shop.

Once you have your UK farm food do you know to to cook it? If you live in the UK and are looking for cookery schools in your area, or would like to have a weekend away learning how to cook those special dishes, visit our Farm Cookery Courses. These are cookery courses that take place on farms, many of which also offer accommodation to their students. There are cookery schools here for the complete novice to the more experienced, and some even offering diploma courses.

If you would like to advertise your farm in the UK for free because you need some help on the farm to pick those crops, or whatever, see our section on farming jobs worldwide. Or, if you want to advertise your farm produce, farm accommodation or a farm service at a nominal rate, look at our section Advertise your Farm. Please feel free to contact our marketing department at: for any further enquiries.

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