Farming and Agriculture Articles for Small Scale Farming with Videos

Agriculture articles on homesteading and small scale farming. Organic farming, worm faming, fish farming, food safety, pesticides... Feel free to browse through the agriculture and farming articles here on various topics, some of course controversial like the first article on food safety. However, you may also like to express your own opinion on current farming trends and whether you think there is a lack of conscience by those in the food industry.

We have had BSE and now we have had the China milk scandal of adding melamine to milk. We have had bird flu which had people running scared from poultry and swine flu that had people thinking twice about eating pork products. 

While some are concerned about the mercury levels in fish, others are worried about the pesticides and sprays on vegetables and fruit. Basically, people are worried about food safety. So how safe is our food?.

Cancers increase, new cancers and illnesses appear. The bees are disappearing, and so are the ice caps.

Do you have an opinion on where this is all going? Would you like to rant a little? Feel free to do so here, and see what others are saying about the matter and feel free to submit a farming article of your own. See below for details.

However, there are also informational agriculture articles that will help you in your small scale farming.

Farm 2wagon and a barn.

You can find agriculture articles here on the following topics:

1. Agriculture Articles on Food Issues

- How Safe is our Food?: Are we Eating Toxic Fruit and Vegetables?

- Food Safety Certification

2. Agriculture Articles on Crops

- Cover Crops: What are cover crops and their use in soil improvement

- Growing Cotton

3. Agriculture Articles on Organic Farming

- Organic Certification in the UK and How to Apply

- Organic Certification in the Global Market

- What exactly is Organic Farming?

- Organic Labeling What does it all mean?

- Why go Organic? - Protect your Health

- Why go Organic? - The Benefits of Super foods

- Why go Organic? - Better Taste

- Why go Organic? - To Preserve the Ecology

4. Agriculture Articles on Biodynamic Farming

- Biodynamic Farming - What does it Offer the Organic Farmer?

5. Agriculture Articles on Worm Farming

- How to Set up A Simple Worm Farm and Make Compost in 4 Months

6. Agriculture Articles on Fish Farming 

These farming articles look at how to set up Small Scale Fish Farming and Backyard Ponds

- Fish Farming: On a Small Scale

- Fish Farming: Setting up your Fish Farming Ponds

- Fish Farming: Choosing your Fish

- Fish Farming: Building Hatching Trays and Rearing Ponds

- Fish Farming: Managing the Ova and Alevins

- Fish Farming: Fry Care and Feeding

- Fish Farming: Natural Friends and Enemies

- Fish Farming: Turning out the Fish

7. Gardening

- Gardening with Vinegar: An organic pesticide, insecticide and herbicide

8. Agriculture Articles on Real Estate

- Buying Country Acreage: To Buy or Not to Buy?

- Country Real Estate

9. Agriculture Articles on the Future of Vertical Farming

- Vertical Farming: City Buildings offer opportunities for farms to grow up, instead of out.

10. Community Supported Farming

- Community Supported Agriculture: Looking at the Pros and Cons of CSA Farming.

- CSA Farming FAQ: Looking at answers to frequently asked questions on CSA Farming.

11. Farm Insurance

- Farm Insurance: Something every farmer needs, but do you actually know what sort of policy you should be buying?

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Video on Organic Farming - Can it Feed Us Part 1

Video on Organic Farming  - Can it Feed Us Part 2

Video on The Long-Term Health Effects of Pesticides

Video on Today's Modern Food - It's Not what you Think (Part 1)

This video examines the truth about our Nation's food supply. The food we buy today is the product of a business who's more concerned about their own profits than their customers health and the government regulators are looking out for the interests of the businesses rather than the American people's well being.

Video on Today's Modern Food - It's Not what you Think (Part 2)

Video on Food - The Ultimate Secrets Revealed

I don't agree with his ideologies, but certainly his information on foods is certainly interesting and worth watching.

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