What Are You Doing Now?

What are you doing now? Find @Countryfarm on Twitter and other farmers to grow your hub.

Do you enjoy sustainable farming? Are you looking for a social community? Have you heard of Twitter?. Come and join us and like-minded farmers and country lovers for a great social networking system that is now in rival with Facebook. Short, sweet and to the point using only 140 characters to make your point, it is a great way to network, swap ideas and communicate with others who think like you do.

Come and meet like-minded people who care about organic produce, they want to learn about livestock and poultry, making soap, cheese, and the like, and they want to learn about sustainable living.

Join the greatest Internet revolution of social networking - follow me and other farmers and country lovers who are interested in sustainable living on Twitter, and join in so that you can see what everyone else is up to. It's absolutely free and very easy to sign up, join in the fun and Twitter Away! It also works more effectively if you answer the question "What has your attention?" rather than "What are you doing now?"

Come and visit us on Twitter: We are known as @Countryfarm.

Look for us on Twitter - we are just known as Countryfarm. Come and join in the fun at Twitter and tell us what has your attention? You will soon find just how addictive it is!

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