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This is the page where you can ask a question and we will do our best to answer it for you. If you have a question on issues with regards to your vegetable garden, livestock, fruit trees feel free to ask.

Not only will you receive help, but our other readers may also be experiencing the same, or similar problem, and so will also be helped in return.

Please feel free to add to our replies and give any additional information we may have missed in providing a solution.

Ask a Question

This is the page where you can ask a question and we will do our best to answer it for you. If you have a question on issues with regards to your vegetable garden, livestock, fruit trees feel free to ask.

Not only will you receive help, but our other readers may also be experiencing the same, or similar problem, and so will also be helped in return.

Please feel free to add to our replies and give any additional information we may have missed in providing a solution.

Questions our Readers have Asked

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Homesteading in your 50s 
My husband is 51 and I am 48. Healthy and well read in preparation for homesteading / farming. I would like to know your opinion of older folks changing …

White spots on rose leaves 
I have two miniature rose bushes and they both have white/yellow spots on the leaves. The new leaves are normal but get spotty as they grow. I added dolomite …

Scorpions on farm house 
I am a regular visitor to this site. We have built a farm house and try to go there as frequently as possible. But being a city dweller I am petrified …

my cow won't let her milk down 
I took my cow's four day old calf off her to make her let down, I also have given her snacks to help her let down and bunted her. I have also tried getting …

Lime Tree in Container 
(Thornless Mexican Lime Tree) A friend of mine gave me a "Mexican Lime" tree. It's in a 12" tall pot.Plant looks healthy and is 4' tall.Would like …

Finding Like Minded People 
I'm interested in talking to other people who are interesting in homesteading. I am from Washington state and having trouble finding a place to talk to …

when do lambs start eating grass? 
I was wondering if you know how old lambs are when they shoould start to eat grass? Hi Amber Lambs need to feed from their mothers soon after they …

chicken vents 
I have 3 Isa Browns 12 weeks old which I bought 2 weeks ago. they do not seem to eat any of the grains which I feed them, four different mixed lots supposedly …

I need thyroid medication every day 
What will I do if there were a disaster and I ran out of thyroid replacement medication and cannot buy any? Drug stores will not give me synthroid …

Animals and Poisonous Trees 
Are there any fruit trees that I need to worry about with my animals? I know that horses should be kept away from walnut trees, but I am worried about …

Gardening in Africa 
Please can you tell me why many European seeds will not grow out here in West Africa?

Saponification numbers 
Why are your saponification numbers different than what I see on some other web sites? For example at Certified Lye they list Canola as .1328 and you …

Cheap Medical Well Being 
How do I maintain medical well being without spending any money?

How do I find roommates to live and help create a sustainable farm? 
I'm a 59 yr young female looking for a couple of roommates that would be interested in helping create a sustainable farm. Where is a good place to post …

Hens not laying 
Why since we have let our hens free range their production has dropped?

Vomiting Goats 
Has any one else had their goats throw up?

Grazing Groups 
I am planning on raising dairy goats, Dexter cattle, pigs, and chickens, and I would like the animals to all be as 'free range' as possible. I would like …

Getting started  
Hi! I want to start homesteading/farming and have been looking at existing farms and acreage. I want to be self-sufficient and as "off-grid" as possible. …

The First Steps towards Homesteading 
When you began to do homesteading, what was your first priority? Where did you begin to take the first steps to do this? I would love to know how …

Make Moonshine  
When I make moonshine, how much moonshine will 2 gallons of mash make?

Cobwebs in my garden and flower beds 
I have noticed cobwebs in my vegetable garden and on my perennial plants what causes this? and how do i get rid of them?

Why are Two species of Pine trees Growing From a Single Trunk? 
One of my church members has a single trunk tree with two clearly different species of pine tree growing from that single trunk. Have you ever heard of …

Our male duck ate a glass marble will he pass it ok. 
My son was playing with marbles in our back yard and our male duck, that we have had for a year and a half swallowed the marble. Will Daisy be able to …

Hand Milking Cows 
What supplies do I need to milk my cow by hand?

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Feeding Chickens Potato Plants? 
Can you feed potato plants to your chickens once you harvest since they are a member of the nightshade family?

Can you use wood ash on the garden and on plants? 
I have several open fires in my house which we use all winter, but then there is the problem of the wood ash when the fireplaces have to be cleaned out …

No-Dig Gardening - What is a drill? 
New No-Dig Gardening or Zero-Cultivation Method: Make a drill 1 inch deep and fill with a mixture of one part soil and one part sifted compost. What …

What are the growing conditions of blueberries? 
What are the growing conditions of blueberries?

Growing Plants on the Hot Side of the Hill in Iowa? 
I would like to know what would be the best flowers, trees and veggies to plant on the southwest corner of an acreage? I have rain water collections for …

Homesteading: Getting Started and Choosing Good Land 
My husband and I are looking for property to begin a homestead. What do you feel are the most important qualities to look for.

How many Eggs does a Chicken Lay a Day? 
We want to start keeping chickens but are unsure of the number of chickens we should keep. Can you please tell me how many eggs a chicken lays a day, and …

Appleyard Ducks 
Have had 2 appleyard ducks for a couple of years and had no problems until about a week ago when went to feed them in the morning and noticed that the …

Can you be self sufficient on less than an acre of ground? 
My name is Wallis Hardie and I am a farmer in South Africa. I am badly looking for plans or people to speak to about self sustainable farming on a small …

How important is the temperature of lye when making soap? 
I have some old potassium hydroxide and want to make liquid soap(turned hard over time) When I mixed it with water, it only got to 74 degrees. Can I continue …

Raised Bed Garden for Vegetables 
It's me and me only on my small hobby farm and i looking at a small raised bed garden in this size -x-4.ft wide-x-15.ft long-x-3.ft deep for personal …

melt-and-pour soap problem with oil separation 
When making my melt and pour soap, the recipe will call for some kind of oil to be added, either olive oil or coconut oil. No matter how long I mix the …

Where can I learn to make cheese in Kent, UK? 
Hi there! I am vacationing in Sidcup, Kent for a week and would like to visit a dairy farm to learn how cheeses and butter are made. Do you have any …

Growing Vegetables Vertically 
Hi. I have very small space for growing vegetables. I intend to use my court walls and grow my veggies on them vertically, but I don't know how much and …

Opportunites to Learn Organic Farming or Permaculture in Canada 
Hi, my name is Jean-Guy, I am very interested in permaculture (and eco building with 3 yrs experience) in urban and rural settings. I would like to own …

Working for Vegetables in the UK 
Is there an organic vegetable farm or garden near to Kingsbridge where I can help with the picking, weeding or anything that requires doing, in return …

gnats (?) in my houseplants 
Do you have a recipe for making a systemic plant mix to kill tiny black flies in my houseplants?

Study visit 
Would like to arrange a study visit with Swedish foresters to a South African farm in the Swellendam area.

Keeping Alpacas in Canada 
We are thinking about keeping alpacas, how easy is it to look after them and would they be all right here in Manitoba Canada where our winters can get …

Planting Plum Trees 
I want to plant a plum tree in my garden, but I have been told that I cannot just plant one tree, but two. Is this a way of making extra money out of me, …

Withering Beetroot 
What causes the leaves of beetroot to wither and the root to rot? I have tried to grow beetroot for several seasons now, and I have had no joy whatsoever. …

Reusing Mash for Moonshine 
What do you mean by running your mash again an again how does that work is there mash left in the pot or do you rerun the shine? **** In order …

Does and Don'ts of Feeding Farm Animals 
What can and can't you feed pigs,cows and chickens?

How to get rid of bats in an eco friendly way? Not rated yet
We have had a problem with bats coming inside for some months now and making it their home! We have an eco-friendly approach and would love to know …

What to feed a sick chicken? Not rated yet
What food do I give a chicken when it is sick? There is a small mass on the lower part of chicken. She doesn't want to walk or eat her food. I am feeding …

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Neem oil spray Not rated yet
I have pure neem oil. How do I prepare a folial spray with it to control mealy bugs, aphids and leaf-cutting insects? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ …

how to begin homesteading Not rated yet
I have been interested in learning about homesteading. I recently purchased a place on 6.5 acres, nothing has been done with the place. I am on a …

Brussel Sprout Growing Problems Not rated yet
I have never been able to grow Brussel Sprouts well. They grow fine, start growing buds, but the top third of the sprouts get over sized, the bottom third …

The land was previously treated with pesticides Not rated yet
We just bought 10 acres. 4.5 acres have been farmed with pesticides/ chemical for years. They will harvest the soybeans within the next couple of weeks, …

Smallholding swopping Not rated yet
Hello I am a freelance journalist trying to write a piece on homeswopping from a smallholders experience. Is there anyone I can speak to from the site …

ants is after the flower of my citrus tree Not rated yet
how can i prevent ants from climbing my citrus tree? i think their sucking the nectar and eating the vitamin of the flower.and when the baby citrus …

Problem Making Lye Not rated yet
I'm trying to make lye using wood ash using the method described on your website (in a bucket with a hole at the bottom). I had about a quart of brown …

Help with growing corn Not rated yet
I live in West Texas and right now (in June) we are having 90/100 degree weather daily, which puts a strain on the water supply. I had a beautiful crop …

To Till or Not to Till? Not rated yet
Cover crops do amazing things for a garden. . .smother weeds, add nutrient, and most importantly, sustain the micro-organisms in the soil throughout the …

Starting from Scratch Not rated yet
New owners of 10 acres tropical land. good soil, loamy. Flat land. bordering sea. NOT cultivated for 20 improvements, no infrastructure, …

Soap Recipe using Homemade Lye Not rated yet
Here is a soap recipe for using homemade lye, but before you use it, you must be aware of some warnings. It is far better to use commercial lye in soap …

Homemade lye Not rated yet
Do you have a recipe for making soap with homemade lye? I Make it with store bought lye, but wanted to try it this way this time.

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