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A Farm in Cumberland

A Farm in Cumberland

Are you looking for some farming work, or are your wanting to hire some casual farmhands? Find or list your farming jobs here for farming jobs worldwide. Either part time or full time farming work.

Farmers globally are constantly looking for farmhands and workers to help them with their crops, be a fruit picker in fruit picking jobs, or a general farm hand. The list of what you could turn your hand to is endless and you do not need any prior agricultural experience.

As a worldwide farming employment directory you will be able to access details of farming jobs in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, New Zealand (NZ), Australia and South Africa.

For those of you who are farmers and are looking to take a short break, then we have a free service for you in a farm exchange or farm sitting. Here you can either look after someone else's farm in a different location or, have someone who has farming skills to farm sit your farm while you are away.


With thousands of farms worldwide, this is an ideal way of seeing the world during your summer vacation and working on a farm at the same time. When you take up a part-time of summer farming job you will get to make new friends, get fit and spend time in the sun. It will not be all work and no play either, as you will get enough enough time off to do some site-seeing as well.


Country Living and Farm Lifestyles does not guarantee to find you a farming job with any farms, that will depend on the correspondence between you and the farmers, whom you will contact directly. We are not a labour agency, but an introductory agency. The first step is to see if you are eligible to work in the country of your choice. Even volunteer work requires you to have a valid work permit. Do not make any travel or work plans until you have spoken to the necessary authorities and secured your passport and visa. You will not be allowed to enter a foreign country without the correct papers. Holiday Visas and Student Visas are suitable for such visas. Country Living and Farm Lifestyles can unfortunately not provide any assistance to gain visas for any farming jobs you may wish to apply for.


If you are applying for a farm job as a picker, you do not need any experience. If you have any farming experience of any description, this would be favourable to mention when contacting your farms. This includes a heavy duty driving license you may possess or a first-aid qualification. Remember to bring these with you when you go to your host farm.


If you would like a farming job and would like to advertise your skills and area preference, then visit farming jobs wanted where people like you, who are looking for farm jobs, have advertised their services. Send in your details and we will list them for you. At this stage, this is a free service, which may change to a paying service at a later stage.


Remember - check your visa eligibility. Then access the host details we will supply you with via e-mail or phone, asking them if the work is still available and give your dates. This is very important as situations can change and you cannot just arrive at the farm expecting your job to be there. You need to have made proper contact with your host so that they know who your are, your level of interest, and you need to know if the job is still available.

In the initial contact make sure that you discuss all details of what the farming job consists of and what your responsibilities will be so that there are no disappointments on both sides. Ask about working hours, time off, wages and whether you need to pay something towards your accommodation and food, or if that is included in your stay. Every farm is different.


Harvesting and planting work are usually paid by piece-rate, which means you are paid by the amount you pick or plant. This means that the harder you work the more you earn. However the employer still has to make sure you earn the minimum wage for any piece rate work undertaken. More skilled work is usually paid by the hour.

Most countries have a minimum wage so make sure that what you have been offered reflects this. The UK at present, for example, has a minimum farm wage of £5.52 an hour.


Just as situations change when farming jobs are no longer available because they have already been fulfilled, we also understand that there may be circumstances that result in you not being able to take the job that you were offered. It is extremely important for you to notify the farmer of your situation so that they can re-open the position to someone else, even if it is at the last minute. If we have any complaint from the farmer that you did not arrive and did not notify them, Country Living and Farm Lifestyles reserves the right to make a full investigation, and if negligence is found, will remove your name from the system with no refund.

Notice to Job Seekers: As this is a new section to our web site we still have to notify farms of this service. If you have read this page and are interested in subscribing at a later stage, but would like to be put on our interest list when we have farms available, then please e-mail us and we will contact you when the farms have been uploaded to our data base. E-mail us at:

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Advert added: 27th April,2011

Location of Farm:Havana, Florida

Name of Contact:Richard Chandler


Phone Number: 850-228-3253

Type of Farm/Job:Vegetables/Fruit

Number of People:(1) One

Time Period:Year round

Special requirements: Must be able to prepare meals/help around farm/Free room and bath.

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Notice to Farmers: To have a free classified advertisement on this page for your farming employment needs please write to us

When writing to us please give us the following details as mentioned below. Personal details and e-mail addresses will not appear on the web site, but are for contacting purposes only:

* Location of Farm: Country and State/Province/County
* Name of Contact
* e-mail and phone number details
* Type of farming job/s available and a short job description/s
* State number of people wanted
* State time period of job offered with dates if possible
* State any special requirements you need from prospective job seekers or conditions that you offer that may be an incentive to applicants.

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