Organic Food
- Better Taste! by Sam Cohen

Organic Food - does it taste better? Have you noticed that some vegetables and fruits just don't seem to taste as good as they did when you were a child? Apples that used to be crispy and juicy now seem to be rather dry and mealy. Carrots seem to have an odd, bitter taste. Potatoes are practically tasteless! And watermelon just isn't as sweet. You may have just thought that your taste buds have changed since you have gotten older, but you haven't changed -- the food you are eating has changed.

It wasn't too long ago that produce was grown without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, irradiation, and genetic modification. You could trust the oranges and pears, snow peas and yellow squash that you bought at the grocery store to be fresh and taste good. Now days, you might get lucky and bring home some fruit or vegetables that taste tolerable, but it's like buying a grab bag... you just don't know. Our government is urging us to eat more fruits and vegetables with a '5 a Day' campaign and yet has approved the use of poisons galore to be sprayed on our food while it is still in the field. 'Fresh' produce tastes so different that a lot of people don't eat as many fruits and vegetables as they once did.

Organic fruits and vegetables are the answer to this problem. Free from poisons and genetic tampering which can alter the taste of these necessary foods and cause sometimes irreparable harm to our bodies, organic produce tastes the way fruits and vegetables were meant to taste. And, more and more people have caught on to the difference. It's estimated that around 70 percent of our population purchases organic produce every now and then, while around 25 percent will make an organic fruit or vegetable purchase every single week. Many families have signed up for organic fruit delivery in order to make sure they always have an ample supply on hand.

Food professionals have also discovered that organic food tastes much better than its pesticide laden counterparts. Many gourmet chefs all over the country are choosing to use organic food in their restaurants because they firmly believe the taste and quality are vastly superior to the non-organic variety. And those who cook at home for their families have also decided that organic foods suit their need for quality and taste.

Some people decide they aren't going to pay the higher price for organic produce, and limit themselves to pesticide laden alternatives. They don't realize that the organic foods are more expensive for a reason. It takes more time and care to produce a quality product, and part of this cost is passed on to the consumer. But, stop to consider that your health is priceless. The small extra cost of organic produce is well worth paying to insure good health and vitality.

You'll find that there are many places to buy organic foods, and you can shop around in order to find good prices so that you can enjoy the incredible taste of these all natural foods that taste the way nature intended them to.

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About the Author

Sam Cohen (also known as Sam - The Fruit Man) is the owner of Organic Fruit & Veggie Club - organic produce delivery company providing hundreds of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents with fresh and healthy organic fruit and vegetables.

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