Recipe Contests for 2010: Win a book of your choice for $15!

Looking for recipe contests for 2010? Look no further! Submit your recipe to us and you could be the lucky winner of a book of your choice for $15!

Competition #2: Recipes

Submit a recipe and you could win a $15.00(US) book prize of your choice through and we will pick up the postage.

We will give away one $15.00 prize for the best recipe published during the month of June/July over 30 days. The winning recipe will be chosen using the Countryfarm Lifestyles rating feature. Countryfarm Lifestyle readers can vote for recipes by making a positive comment about the recipe and rating it out of 5 stars. Photos of your recipes are welcomed!

Contest Rules and Information:

* Not all recipe submissions are published. We try to publish as many as possible. We will send you an email when your recipe is published so you can encourage your friends and family to vote for your recipe on Countryfarm Lifestyles.

* Winners will be chosen based on the total number of votes they get in the first 30 days after they are published. Recipes can still be rated after 30 days, but for the purposes of this contest, we will use the 30 day total to choose winners.

* By submitting a recipe you give Countryfarm Lifestyles permission to publish the recipe. The goal of the contest is to gather as many recipes as possible for the Countryfarm Lifestyles community.

* Limit your submission to no more than 5 recipes per day.

* Don't submit the same recipe more than once. The more you personalize your recipe, the better.

* Don't submit copyrighted material.

* Winners will be notified by e-mail after the end of the competition, ending 31st July.

* You are allowed to encourage others to vote for your recipe. We have a button on every post that helps you share your submission on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

* If there are several recipes with the same number of votes, Countryfarm Lifestyles will make the final decision as to the winner.

To enter just type in your recipe below. Add a picture if you wish too!

Vote for your Favorite Recipe!

If you like the recipe above, give it a rating and make a comment.

This family recipe was named this because the men made it and they were from Turkey/Uzbekistan. Large sauce pot with tight fitting lid (stainless steel …

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