Liquid Fertilizer from Weeds, Urine, Seaweed, Chicken and Cow Manure etc.

When we think of liquid fertilizer and farmyard manure we seldom stop to think about how they differ and which ones are more beneficial for your garden than others. And we often forget about other applications that we can use in our gardens in liquid form that will put nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil so that our plants are kept healthy.

First of all, I want to say that some of these fertilizer applications one can only use on the base of your fruit trees and garden plants, and you certainly wouldn't use them on your salads and other vegetables due to the possibility of pathogens. Having gotten that out of the way, what liquid manures can we use and how can we use them?

Liquid Fertilizer from Weeds

If your garden is full of weeds at the moment - rejoice! You have a wonderful opportunity here of turning these pesky plants into something useful. Take your weeds, any kind will do, fill a bucket with them and then fill the bucket up with water. Leave it in a corner of your garden for a week or two until the water has turned really brown. Now dilute your soupy water (1 part soupy water to 2 parts water) and apply it to your garden.

You can add more water to your bucket and let it brew again for another couple of weeks before you use it again. And you don't need to use weeds. You can just throw in handfuls of leaves, grass clippings from the mower catcher can all be used for this purpose.

Liquid Fertilizer from Comfrey and Nettles

Nettle for Liquid Fertilizer

Not only do nettles make a good fertilizer but another equally good plant is comfrey. It can be used in exactly the same way as the weeds. Some people like to get technical and tell you how many kilos of comfrey you need to so many gallons of water. But you don't need to be that technical. Just throw the comfrey into your bucket, fill it up with water and leave it for 4 weeks. Again dilute it before you use it.

Liquid Fertilizer from Molasses

Molasses is also another excellent liquid manure and can be used on the plants after it has been diluted.

Liquid Fertilizer from Urine

Urine is another excellent liquid fertilizer. And it is! Although many people will be feeling squeamish by now. It is high in nitrogen and low in phosphorus. Dilute it 1:10 and apply it to your plants once a fortnight. However, the urine that you use must be fresh. If not, it will kill your plants, or it can be used as an effective weedkiller. And best of all it's freely available whether you live in the country or in the city!

Liquid Fertilizer from Farmyard Manure

Lastly, if you have chickens, cows, or any other livestock, collect the chicken manure, cow manure etc. in a burlap bag and suspend this in a barrel of water for about a week or two. If it looks a little strong you can dilute it, but it probably won't need to be diluted.

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