Maine Farms for Produce and Accommodation

A Farm in Maine in Winter

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime by Stanko-Mravljak

Maine farms are very active where farm fairs and county fairs bring together the farming community and those who support the need to grow fresh, organic produce. It is an attractive area that has everything you would want to find in an ideal vacation destination. From sheltered coves along the coastline to the Maine Highlands where you can find the best hunting and fishing grounds around. Moose and deer are plentiful, and in winter it is a playground for those who enjoy the great outdoors with skiing, riding snow-mobiles and snowshoeing.

Maine is also among the country’s best tourist destinations for scenery and atmosphere; its beauty and diversity provide a wide variety of road cycling trips and mountain biking trails for riders of any skill level and its a wonderfully relaxing way in which to see the area.

Maine is an area that is well known for itsfood products, farm stands, Christmas tree cutting, pick-your-own farms, farmers' markets and country fairs. At the farm shops, stalls and farmers' markets in Maine you will find seasonal fruit and vegetables on offer; you will find strawberries in July, raspberries and blueberries in August, and delicious tomatoes in August and September just to name a few.

Many of the farms in Maine are CSA farms. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture where there is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members who pay the farmer an annual membership fee to cover the production costs of the farm. In turn, members receive a weekly share of the harvest during the local growing season. The arrangement guarantees the farmer financial support and enables many small to moderately sized, organic, family farms to remain in business. The ultimate payoff is receiving a variety of farm produce on a weekly basis that is farm fresh and packed with vitamins.

Maine farms offer farm vacations through B&B farms, rural inns and farm guest houses. Most of the farms that offer farm accommodation are farms that have older homes full of history and character. When coming to Maine for your rural vacation you could find yourself staying in a 200 year old farmhouse with fireplaces, wooden floors, large porches and being spoilt with blueberry muffins for breakfast.

Come and find your Maine farm here for your local farm shop, CSA farm, farmers' market or farm accommodation.

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