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Are you an Ostrich?

Do you use online advertising or do you have your head stuck in the sand? Advertising in local newspapers and in the Yellow Pages is huge money. When statistics now show that most people use the Internet when searching for a business, it's becoming an extreme waste of advertising expense to buy yellow page and newspaper ads, especially for the smaller business owners. And besides, what newspapers do you know that cater just for farmers?

We offer farm classifieds for real estate and farmer classifieds for farm produce, gate sales, farm shops, farming jobs, farm exchange, farm sitting, farm accommodation all online!

Our rates are very affordable.

We have many online advertising options available to you that are built to drive our visitors to your door. Plus, we have free options! For those on a tight budget we can offer you a year's advertising from just £10 (US$16.45) a year....that's only 83p (1.37 c) a month! Not a bad return when you have the possibility of 8000 people a month viewing your advert!

Already have a website or thinking about building your own?

For many of you, you have your own websites, but is it getting the traffic that we now generate? With more than 156 million website on the Net, how many people find you? What is your Alexa ranking? How do you compare to us? A business without traffic will soon die. You need people to see your business and what it is that you offer. (Remember the higher the Alexa number for your site means less traffic, and that means less potential customers for you!)

Through our online advertising options we will link directly to your website and you will gain more traffic and a better presence in the Internet rankings as a result. It really is a win-win situation.

If you don't have a website, we can certainly create a single-paged website just for you, advertising your business, giving all contacting details and doing all the copy writing, photograph placements etc, plus the hosting of it. Basically you will have your own mini-website. Again our rates are reasonable at just £25.00 (US$ 40) per year, all inclusive.

The main objective of this site is to provide a portal for farmers where you can have farmers classifieds on an international site that is well ranked and has high traffic.

We use relevant keywords and SEO to score high with Google and the main search engines on each page. Word is getting around, and not only are the visitors coming back, but they also email us, asking for recommendations of where to go for goods and services!

By providing relevant and exciting information about farming and country living. Because we have built trust, they come back often, and are more likely to visit our adverts and our farming directory the next time they need goods or services. Our Alexa report shows that our visitors visit an average of 9 unique pages, and stay an average of 5.5 minutes per user, per visit while on our site!

Remember, the yellow pages and newspapers classifieds are becoming a thing of the past. It's much easier to do a quick search on the computer for a business than flipping through that dusty book!

You cannot afford not to advertise your farms with us for farm produce, farm accommodation or farm services. In addition to having an advert on our site for your farm, and linking back to your website, we will automatically include you in our very own Agriculture Directory.

If you would like to make further inquiries about online advertising options for your farm, you may Contact Us. And please don't worry. There is no obligation, we won't spam you, and we never sell your information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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