Super Foods: Top 9 Super Foods & Benefits of Going Organic

The Benefits of Super Foods

Many families who have gone organic notice that the more 'real' foods they include in their diet, the better they feel. Those with health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol and arthritis are surprised and delighted with their weight loss, improved blood lipid levels, and joint flexibility. Even healthy individuals will notice a difference in how they feel when they pledge to eat only organic foods.

There is a group of organic foods that have been dubbed as 'Super foods' for the powerful effects they can have on the human body now and even in the future. These foods can help to reduce your risk of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, and in some cases can even help to improve your mood!

As a matter of fact, scientists and medical experts have estimated that 50 to 70 percent of illnesses could be eliminated and life expectancy increased if people would eat a basically healthy diet and include a variety of these Super foods on a daily basis.

So what are these organic Super foods that have almost medicinal qualities and can offer you such an incredible boost in health and vitality? Here is a list of some of them along with their benefits:

  • * Bananas contain loads of potassium which can help to lower your blood pressure. They also contain vitamin B6 which helps keep the skin and hair healthy.

  • * Beans are full of soluble fiber. One serving per day can lower your cholesterol by as much as 18 percent. They also contain certain compounds that suppress cancer cells and can slow down the growth of tumors.

  • * Berries, in particular fresh, dried or frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are bursting with antioxidants, which help to shield our bodies from stress, improve brain function, and have anti-cancer properties.

  • * Broccoli contains folic acid, which can help prevent heart disease. It also is a good source of lutein which can help prevent blindness from macular degeneration.

  • * Carrots are a concentrated source of beta carotene which can prevent strokes, uterine and stomach cancers.

  • * Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit not only contain a full day's requirement of vitamin C but also nutrients called flavonoids which can lower cholesterol and stop blood clots from forming in the body. Even the peel of citrus fruits is packed with goodness. Limonene, the oil that smells so delicious when you cut into a citrus fruit, has been said to be a cancer inhibitor.

  • * Garlic has been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and contains chemicals which can destroy cancer cells.

  • * Spinach is an amazing superfood! It can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, helps to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis, and is loaded with vitamins A and C plus folic acid and magnesium which can help to control cancer.

  • * Tomatoes are full of lycopenes, which are antioxidants that are even more potent than vitamin C. These make our immune system stronger and can also help to slow down degenerative changes in the body.

About the Author

Sam Cohen (also known as Sam - The Fruit Man) is the owner of Organic Fruit & Veggie Club - organic produce delivery company providing hundreds of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents with fresh and healthy organic fruit and vegetables.

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