The Danger of Farm Animal Activists

In today's world we all say we should not be judgmental, we should live and let live. This is how we all want to be treated. And then along come animal activists and other extremists who tell us how to live our lives.

It is getting very hard for us in the farming community due to people that don't farm, don't understand us, and seem to pay a lot of money to voice how we should live, via lobbyist. I thought I would put my 2 cents in here.

Animal Activists and Rabbit Farming

I have many friends raising rabbits that are having their homes and barns raided with a hearing or a warrant. Why? because they "breed animals" and the animal activists are up in arms.

Today if you raise or breed animals, you stand a good chance of your farm being raided in the middle of the night by these animal activists. You are publicly put down, and many times taken to court for simply farming.

Animal Activists and Vegetarianism

I see it all the time. People who believe eating meat is going to destroy the world, and beg everyone to become a vegan, even a few days a week. What we need to do is look at where these ideas came from, and why we are no longer tolerant of each other.

Why is imposing one person's will on another so vital these days? What would make one person's views so much better than the person standing next to them?

The Danger of Power and Control

I will not take a side in this article, what I will do is ask questions. I would like each of us to look inside ourselves and answer for ourselves. For the whole of man's existence there has been tyranny. There has been one person, or group wanting to rule over others and impose their will and beliefs on those who did not wish to live as they do.

This concept is not new. It has nothing to do with right, or wrong, it has to do with control and power. We feel as people empowered when we are in the majority. We feel we can be "right" when others feel the same way. It is our ego, not our humanity that allows this behavior.

History is full of prime examples. Not to judge any religious group over another, however one does lend a prime example. The inquisition that started in the 1100's and ended the year of my birth, 1964 is an example of one group trying to create a prejudice and genocide of another. This was not only allowed, but accepted by the human race worldwide for about 800 years.

Illogical Consequences of Animal Rights Lobbyists

No one wanted to be on the wrong side. I can't say I blamed them. That may seem a bit extreme, however the same thing is in effect happening today to small farmers and growers as a result of animal activists, who do not think through the course of their actions.

I know of cases where people were convicted for animal tortured, because they had meat in their freezer. The courts ruled that the animal was killed and therefore had to suffer thus, they were fined and jailed for animal abuse.

The law says they can no longer own an animal, because they raised their own meat. This is an extreme example, yes, however one that is becoming more and more popularized, more is the pity.

In the city of Denver CO, there are no unspayed or neutered animals allowed with in the city limits. A famous dog show that has been held in Denver for the past 25yrs had to relocate, as none of the dogs being shown, were fixed.

This holds a question as to what will happen with the famous Denver stock show. What will happen if these extremist get their way? If no one breeds animals? Will your grandchildren ever have the joy of a puppy? Not if extremist keep going as they are. There won't be any puppies, anywhere. 

What does the Future Hold?

If laws continue as they are going, the US will be forced into vegetarianism. This alone holds issues as the prime source of protein is TVP, or textured vegetable protein. All soybeans in the US are GMO and considered poison by many groups. Cargill is the #1 supplier of TVP, thus this would allow Monsanto to literally control the food supply from all corners.

The implications of not allowing free choice is great, when you control someone's life, lifestyle and food. Has it gone too far? When a child can't have pet, or a farmer can't produce their own eggs, what is next? What other control will this lend itself to?

Why would anyone want to pressure the control of another individual? When they themselves want freedom, why would an average citizen try  and control their neighbor? What one feels is right, doesn't mean its right for everyone, its just right for you.

We all need to be understanding, forgiving and a part of the world we live in. Compassion should be the universal language, and unconditional love is an art that should be learned.

By Gypsy, our resident homestead blogger

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