True Farming Stories to Keep you Entertained

Farming Stories that will keep you entertained! These true stories below are about personal encounters or memories of life on the farm when the writers were just knee-high to grasshoppers. Some are just simple farm stories where people are recounting their experiences and recalling memories, often quite humorously. These are ordinary people like you and me.

There are farm stories in each and every one of us. Why don't you claim your little slice of fame and write your own farm story for our website? These people below have, why don't you? Visit our Farming Stories submission form. All you have to do is type - it's as easy as that! Enjoy our sometimes serious and also funny stories and hopefully they will leave you inspired to send us one or two of your own!

Aunt Ruth and the Ginger Snap Cookie Incident

Author: Dennis Copson

We grew up in the 1940's and '50's on a small dairy and chicken farm in Belfast, Maine. 'We' being my two brothers and three cousins. Times there were hard. Farming in those days, as I suspect it is now, was an austere life. Lots of hard work with little compensation. I think the people who bought our milk and chickens made the money. The small farmer seldom benefited then and I doubt they are doing much better today.

There wasn't a lot of money for extras or store - bought things especially sweets like cookies, cakes, or pies. Things that kids love. Not to worry. We were blessed to have as our aunt one of the finest - maybe THE finest - bakers of such things as there was in the 'kind old state' of Maine if not the entire New England area....

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FARMING STORIES: Title: Growing Up in Minnesota

Author: Pat Morin

As a girl growing up on a farm in Minnesota to a good Catholic family this meant I came from a family with lots of kids. There was always something to do on the farm.

In the winter there was running out and feeding the cows and pigs. Picking eggs from the chickens. Then there was always the problem of getting the snow out of the driveway so we can catch the bus for school and when you have 1/4 mile driveway it takes awhile.

Sometimes when it's snowing ...
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FARMING STORIES: Gieseke Family grows up on the Farm

Author: Mark Anderson, Staff Writer for St.James Plain Dealer(2008)

Growing up on a farm is one of the advantages of the lifestyle for Peter and Amy Gieseke, who were named the Watonwan County Farm Family of the Year.

For instance, their three-year-old Carter learns from what he sees on the farm. "I found an orange spider," he yelled last Wednesday to whoever is in earshot, as he inspected the portable teeter-totter that Peter played on when he was a child. As his brother Clay came over to look at it,...

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FARMING STORIES: Agriculture — Bigger Than You Think

Author: Kaitlin Weist

Agriculture is a word many people use, but do they really know what agriculture means? Do they know what agriculture involves? Do they know how important it is to our country and how it impacts each of our lives?

The work of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock is the definition of agriculture ("Agriculture"). The goods produced and the means by which they are created vary greatly. Agriculture has been an essential part of American life since the foundation of our country. However, many people do not realize that many aspects of human life depend on the numerous types of agriculture.

When the word agriculture is first heard, some people think of corn and cattle; however, this is not all agriculture is... Read more about Agriculture - Bigger than you Think here


Author: Teri Salvador

My passion for horses goes back to my early childhood in a small town near the Great Lakes. If there was anything to do with a horse, I was fascinated and totally spellbound always in total awe of these beautiful magnificent creatures.

I loved the way they walked, in total control and I watched every muscle on their legs as they pranced in a field. I fed them grass through the holes in a fence just to be near them and pat them although I was afraid of them at the same time. I brought them red apples from home, or a sugar cube, when I had one, to feed them. I do not know why this is, but I am simply in captivated love - with horses.

As a child at the age of six or older, I was taken ...

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FARMING STORIES: Growing Up On A Delaware Farm

Author: Jody Hudson

Growing up on a Delaware farm was a wonderful and rewarding experience for me.

I grew up in an area where a couple of dozen families in an area of about hundred square miles had farmed, married each other and been a stable community for centuries, along Delaware Rout One just north of Lewes.

In my early youth, I grew up on a farm where we had 33 cows, 18 we milked twice a day, 3 horses, some chickens, 60 acres of corn, hay and pasture. It was a farm that my maternal grandparents owned. There were barns, tractors, long hours and Sundays in church. We grew corn, hay and pasture. We had a large garden and some fruit trees. We hunted ..."

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FARMING STORIES: Wild Chickens, a Shotgun and Aluminium Cans

Author: Jesse Taylor

Ever heard of wild chickens? Well neither had Jesse, the author, until the neighbours from hell rented 28 acres from a local farmer where his friend Bryan used to take his English gaming fowl for some freedom. After a series of misfortunate, or fortunate events, depending on whose viewpoint you champion, Jesse became a part-owner of this land. But how did that happen?

Read Wild Chickens, a Shotgun and Aluminium Cans to find out.

FARMING STORIES: Red Wilde and the Cat

Author: Jesse Taylor

"Curiosity killed the cat" is an old adage. For those of us who own cats, we know that that appears to be true; they are a curious lot, and many really need those nine lives. For this next story, however, it appears that sometimes there isn't even a choice on the path to curiosity! Many thanks again to Jesse Taylor for his delightful contributions to our website!

"My Daddy, Willard, came to Ohio to be a bridge builder. He didn't own the company, but he loved working outside and never could stand looking at the same scenery for too very long. You can see how the job would appeal to someone like that...

Read Red Wilde and the Cat for an amusing cat story.

FARMING STORIES: The Simple Life - Old Timely Ways

Author: Jesse Taylor

The Simple Life: Old Timely Ways - I don't know about teaching any classes on the "good old simple ways" of doing things. Growing up back in the hills of Kentucky, five miles from the nearest paved road and two miles from the nearest neighbor, with no electricity or indoor plumbing, we lived simply, but we may not have lived the best. Far as I'm concerned, today's Amish, even the most conservative of them, have a lifestyle that's full of 100 times more modern conveniences than we ever had.

I never got ice cream, candy or soda pop. At 12 years old, I...

Read The Simple Life: Old Timely Ways for the rest of the story.

FARMING STORIES: A Story of Country Living 60 Years Ago

Author: Michael Price

Nearly sixty years ago, we were going through what is politely known as a 'sticky patch'. Not the least of our concerns was the urgent need for accommodation. How it happened, I can't recall, but suddenly we found ourselves the tenants of an unoccupied cottage that had been a gamekeeper's, but no longer was. Why this was so, we never knew - perhaps the landowners had run out of game to keep?

Although it was not miles from anywhere, it was somewhat isolated, situated at the top of a rise in the land, and ....

Read A Story of Country Living 60 Years Ago for the rest of the story.

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