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      A red barn and farm dam on a Candian farm

Canadian farms offer a wealth of vacation rentals for a fabulous farm vacation that the whole family will enjoy. Find your ranch accommodation, farmhouses and cabins for a cheap holiday in a peaceful and relaxing environment. Don't forget to buy farm fresh food from the local farm store you will find in the areas of your choice.

Many Canadian homesteading families have been farming for generations, but life is hard for many of these families. Therefore, by buying local we can support our farmers and help make their lives a little easier.

This is a win-win situation as by buying local we are getting a far superior product that has not taken endless air-miles to get to our plates, nor has it sat in cold storage for weeks on end losing valuable vitamins. What you get is non-intensively grown, or organic fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and meat that are products of ecological agriculture.

What to See and Do in Canada?

When you book your cottage rentals, and finally get away on your country vacation, what will you see? Canada is a huge country with plenty to see and do. Make a stop at Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan. With a name like Moose Jaw, how can you go wrong? They have great ice cream and a fun local theater company that is uniquely Canadian. It is also an area for hunting. White tail deer, mule deer and antelope are in abundance for the hunting season. For hunting duck and goose, there are plenty near Old Wives Lake, Pelican Lake and sloughs and lakes south west of Moose Jaw. You can also find sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge in the same regions.

Next stop is Climax, Saskatchewan which is another winner in nomenclature! It's located in the middle of nowhere, has a population of about 180, a diner, a general store and a post-office. Its claim to fame comes from a television program where winners won some real estate here! And that was the first prize! The town also features in the board game Trivial Pursuit, which asks what features on the reverse of the town welcome sign; the answer is: "Come again!". Tourism in the area includes the Grasslands National Park 35 minutes to the East, the scenic Frenchman Valley to the north and the area is a photographer's delight with ghost towns, grain elevators, natural wonders and wildlife throughout.

You cannot visit Canada without experiencing her majestic landscapes, but naming any one spot is not easy, as there are so many that you could visit from your Canadian farm. However, if one had to name a few it would be Algonquin Park, Ontario's all you could want in terms of lakes, moose, canyons, forests, beaches and more lakes. This is a prime place for outdoor activities. If you are looking for something different, try your hand at venturing into the interior for a canoe extravaganza! But watch out for the bears! :)

Once you have had your full of fresh air and pine needles, head on to St. Albert, Ontario where you will be able to visit an amazing cheese curd factory. If you are planning your stay on a Canadian farm near Ottawa, Ontario or Gatineau, Quebec during winter, then you are in for a special treat. This is the time for Winterlude where both cities celebrate winter with ice sculptures, public skating, musical concerts etc. Usually held over the first 3 weekends in February, your family will thoroughly enjoy the experience, as well as eating 'Beaver Tails' no - not actual beavers! - but a delicious local pastry that is deep fried and one associates especially with the Winterlude Festival.

You will find outlets that will enable you to buy direct from your local farm shops, gate sales and market details can be found here. Don't forget to try some Maple Syrup products while you are there.

Is it time to spend some quality time in the country with your family? Or perhaps you just need to escape from the city for a relaxing weekend in the country. Have a look at our Farm Holidays page where you can find accommodation for Bed and Breakfast, Farm Stays, Self-contained cottages and country hotels.

Discover Southern Ontario, Canada
Information for those who are planning a Canadian holiday, or considering emigrating to this country, info about the Nature & Wildlife of the area, the cities, small towns, and quaint villages of the area, climate and economy.


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