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Country Crafts is a place where you can not only learn about new crafts, but you can also try out the new crafts with the ideas and instructions that are given to you. And if we can't provide the instructions we will point you to other websites that can.

These traditional rural crafts are not just for the fairer sex. We will also talk about ancient crafts that are slowly loosing favor with the younger generation and which have been carried out on homesteads for years, such as thatching and hedge layering. Both of these traditional crafts have been carried out for thousands of years in England. However, these sorts of crafts are slowly dying out, including American crafts.

Learn Techniques and Tips for the following Country Crafts:

and many other arts crafts which we will write for you from time to time. 

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For those of you who like doing yarn crafts and wool crafts and you are looking for craft supplies, visit our craft supplies online.

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As soon as you try to access the forum it wants you to register or log-on, this suggests there is a mailing catch so no-one does. Nobody in the country …

Thank You. . . .  Not rated yet
For this wonderful informative site. I am so glad I discovered it and passing it on to family. Keep up the great information. *** Thank you …

spinsters Not rated yet
I know the name spinster was what the unmarried aunt would be called in another era. Now many young people have taken up the craft so why not use an updated …

i dint see anything on spinning  Not rated yet
It would be good for the others to have an article on spinning as well Dianna. **** Ladies, sorry you missed the article on spinning. On …

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How can you knit without getting the wool from the sheep to the yarn bin? You even have a picture of a woman with her wheel but no content on this craft. …

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I am interested in learning how to make brooms. If there is anyone out there who has this knowledge I would be grateful if they could share the art of …

Thank you! Not rated yet
Your website is great! Thanks to people like you, we won't forget that there is still amazing things out there that we can do without having to fall into …

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