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a carpet of bluebells under trees
 Carpets of Bluebells in a forest in England. Spring Flowers abound!
When you think of UK Farms and rural England you think of ladybirds, butterflies and bumble bees, rolling moors and hedgegrows. English animals like rabbits, river otters, foxes, pheasants and wild stags can still be found in the English Countryside. Rural England is a land of gentle hills and grassy meadows and in spring is filled with English field flowers such as buttercups, daffodils, bluebells and dandelions.

Staying on a UK farm one can experience 4 definite seasons and people till, and sow and reap their fields in time to the seasons as generations have done before. Deep within rural England you will find those who still indulge in traditional crafts like building and maintain dry, stone walls.

Thatching, basket-weaving and hay stacking continues as does the art of hedge-laying. And there are those that still talk of the faries in the glen. Who knows, you may just be lucky enough to find a fairy or two on your next farm holiday in the English Countryside!

UK farms are ideal places to explore on horseback, cycle or on foot with many bridle paths and footpaths that traverse the countryside like a spider's web allowing you public access to many fields and streams. Steeped in history many of the houses are Grade I and II listed.

These country homes are centuries old and are often quaint and quirky with thatched roofs, crooked beams and flagstone floors. You may even have the chance in staying in one of these by looking through the many beautiful English country cottages on offer on this web site. Many UK farms are steeped in history and have very old and architecturally pleasing farmhouses and barns.

While travelling through rural England and experiencing rural living first hand you can also combine some of your hobbies with your farm holiday. If you are passionate about cooking then think about taking a cookery course on a farm. See our Farm Cookery Courses. Many of these farm offer accommodation to their students and courses can run over a weekend or even months, depending on the choice of course. And if you are artistic and would like to learn more techniques in water colours, oil painting, pottery etc. there are a number of farms who have studios offering painting and art holidays.

Farm B&Bs and Country Cottages allow for great family vacations and a cheaper alternative to a hotel. There are definitely advantages of renting country cottages in the UK

Your rural holiday allows you to either do nothing, or to be extremely active - the choice is your. For families there are many fun things to do together in Rural England; trails & hiking, horse riding, and its right on your doorstep.

For those of you who want to buy local farm food, support your local farm shop. We have a number of farm shops on our county pages, so come on in and have a look and see where your nearest farm shop is.

We also host farms from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Europe

English Country Living Magazines

For those of you who enjoy rural living, and yearn for the Home Country, then the BBC Countryfile is for you. It follows the popular weekly programme with much loved favourites John Craven, Ben Fogle and Michaela Strachan. Every issue encourages a greener more sustainable way of life and offers inspiration on how to enjoy outdoor and rural living. Understand more about the latest environmental stories and see
how they might affect you.

Every issue of BBC Countryfile Magazine brings you:

  • Great Days Out - Our guides and walks open your eyes to wildlife, sights and tastes of the countryside.
  • Adventure - The complete guide to high-octane country activities sure to get your pulse racing.
  • Reviews - The essential guides for everything you need to enjoy the countryside every month.
  • Live the Good Life - Top experts give you practical advice on how to live a green lifestyle.

Another perfect magazine to give as a gift for those who like country living, for perhaps a birthday, or even for Christmast is BBC British Wildlife

This magazine is a celebration of the natural world. Every issue showcases the wonder and beauty of wildlife and enables you to understand, experience and enjoy nature more. It is packed with breathtaking images, informative features, practical advice and much more.

Below are just some of the delightful animals you will find in the English countryside. 

British Wildlife

If you want to read further on UK fresh farm foods at farm shops, farm gate sales, and farmers' markets then vist UK Farm Food: From Farm to Fork for more information.

Or go to the county of your choice for UK FARM FOOD:

Or go to the county of your choice for UK FARM ACCOMMODATION:

UK Wildlife and Farm Life

Feel free to browse through these beautiful books on the English Countryside. You may find something of interest here for your next trip into the country.


Advertise your Farm!

If you would like to advertise your farm in the UK for free because you need some help on the farm to pick those crops, or whatever, see our section on farming jobs worldwide. Or, if you want to advertise your farm produce, farm accommodation or a farm service, look at our section Advertise your Farm.

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