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Organic farm produce is the only way to eat these days if you are concerned about how your food is being grown before it gets to your plate. Of course, the best way to tackle the problem of fresh produce is to grow your own. When this is not possible, the next best thing to do in order to get good, clean organic food is to source if from your local stores, farmers markets and gate sales directly from the farms and homesteads in your area.

Get to know your neighborhood. You will be surprised what people around you are selling. Find out where and when your local markets are being held and find out if there are any organic farmers selling produce.

Use the Internet to hunt down those organic sellers close to you. However, make sure that the supplier you are using is providing quality produce. So often I have seen people selling organic meat where it would be hard to tell the difference between eating that and a pair of old boots, or organic produce that was already wilting before you could get it into the fridge.

Organic farm produce is best bought from the farm itself, either from their farm stores and shops on the property or from farm stalls found alongside country roads. What better way to spend a Sunday?! When buying produce directly from the farms, you know that your fruit, vegetables, milk, meat, eggs etc. are fresh.

However, the next best places are at your local farmers markets, but get there early to make sure that your produce is still fresh by the time you get it home.

Why buy Organic Produce?

organic farm produceI am not going to go into the whys and the wherefores into buying organic food. I We all know of the awful pesticides that are sprayed on produce that is not organic. So from a health perspective, with pesticides being linked to many illnesses including Parkinson's, it is so important to eat clean food.

And, besides, organic food tastes better, doesn't it? Ever had those eggs from the supermarket that are not only pale and anemic looking but also taste medicinal, or worse fishy? You don't need to eat crap like that.

Food is the fuel your body needs to function properly to maintain its health.

You wouldn't think of putting in crappy fuel for your car and expect it to run effeciently so why would you think that you can abuse your body by feeding it polluted food?

So, how safe is our food?  I will leave you pondering that question or you can read the answers in the article.

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