Camping List Essentials of What to Take

Here is a camping list of essentials and necessities so that you can see what is important and what is optional for that special trip be it into the desert, the mountains, or the seaside.

How many times have you ended up going on a picnic or camping trip only to discover once you have gotten there, miles from anywhere, that you have forgotten the tin opener or corkscrew behind!

Well, no more! Just print this off, and tick your items off as you pack them up and you won't be forgetting any of those important items again.

Your camping checklist has spaces for you to add your own additions too of what to pack.

Remember to keep your camp list right to the end, so that when you are packing up, nothing is left behind! 

Sleeping (essentials)
__ tent
__ guide ropes and pegs
__ groundsheet
__ sleeping bag
__ sleeping pad
__ pillow

Cooking and Eating (essentials and necessities)
__ water
__ food
__ marshmallows!
__ camping stove
__ cooler
__ mess kit
__ tin opener
__ cork screw
__ charcoal
__ matches or lighter
__ small amount of dry kindling, paper and wood

__ t-shirts
__ shorts
__ jeans/pants
__ shoes/boots
__ camp shoes
__ socks
__ hat/cap
__ sweater
__ rain poncho
__ underwear
__ swim suit
__ sunglasses
__ _____________
__ _____________
__ _____________
__ _____________
__ _____________

Personal Hygiene
__ soap
__ deodorant
__ comb/brush
__ nail clippers
__ tooth brush
__ toothpaste
__ face-cloth
__ towel
__ disposable razor
__ shampoo
__ toilet paper
__ sanitary                   towels/tampons
__ _____________
__ _____________
__ _____________
Sleeping (optionals)
__ stretcher/cot
__ inflatable mattress
__ comforter/duvet
__ throw rug

Cooking and Eating (Non-Essentials and Necessities)
__ chairs
__ folding table
__ table cloth
__ smoker
__ Dutch oven
__ hot-dog sticks
__ jaffle-irons

Cleaning Items
__ broom
__ dust pan
__ plastic washing basin
__ detergent
__ dish cloth
__ pot scrub
__ _____________
__ _____________

First Aid Kit
__ personal medication
__ honey for burns and         cuts
__ elastic plasters
__ bandages
__ scissors
__ tweezers
__ pain relievers
__ medical tape
__ sterile gauze
__ antiseptic wipes
__ antibiotic cream
__ burn ointment
__ sunburn lotion
__ hydrogen peroxide
__ eye wash
__ snake bite kit
__ insect repellent
__ _____________
__ _____________
Food Box
__ salt and pepper
__ herbs and spices
__ cooking oil
__ knives
__ cutting board
__ paper towels
__ napkins
__ pot holders
__ tongs and spatula
__ aluminum foil
__ measuring cups
__ plastic cutlery
__ paper plates/bowls
__ plastic cups
__ plastic containers
__ _____________
__ _____________
__ _____________
__ _____________

Miscellaneous Items
__ ball games
__ binoculars
__ bird guide
__ books
__ bungi cords
__ camera
__ candles
__ cards, games
__ cell phone
__ clothes pegs
__ compass
__ duct tape
__ fishing gear
__ flashlight
__ frisbee
__ GPS
__ guitar
__ kites
__ knife
__ lantern
__ matches
__ mouth organ
__ pen and paper
__ portable shower
__ portable toilet
__ rope
__ rubbish bags
__ spade
__ sun block
__ tools
__ washing line
__ water filters
__ water purifying           tablets
__ wetwipes
__ whistle
__ _____________
__ _____________
__ _____________

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