A Carbon Footprint Calculator - How big is your Ecological Footprint?

Use the online carbon footprint calculator and see just how big your ecological footprint is. Your results are instant and covers your home, flights, bus and rail, car and others.
See the results in minutes of how you personally contribute to the environment's stress.

When using the calculator don't forget to put in where you come from. Choosing your country allows you to compare your carbon footprint with the average person in your country, and also sets up the units used in the ecological footprint calculator. For some countries there is more accurate information for electricity generation emissions, and gas and electricity prices, depending on whereabouts you live.

Unfortunately we are all contributors the stress of the environment; we buy food in plastic packaging packed inside more plastic packaging, we jet off here there and everywhere on a plane perhaps several times a year, and we leave lights on in the rooms even when we are not using them. We need to think of how we behave on a daily basis and see where we can reduce this impact. 

Do we really need to drive to work with one person per car or can we form a car-pool? Could we catch public transport, walk, ride a bicycle?

Use the carbon footprint calculator and see just how much of a negative impact you personally have on this earth. You might be shocked! Hopefully, you may start to change your lifestyle as a result and find ways to go green.

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