Free Chicken Coop Plans - 8x 8 Foot Wooden Chicken Coop

Free chicken coop plans are sometimes hard to come by. However, we are very lucky in that the University of Tennessee has some wonderful free plans available for a variety of farm buildings, including this one which we have for an 8x8 foot chicken house. Furthermore it also comes with all the dimensions, so there is no guesswork when building.

Raising chickens has just become a whole lot cheaper. By following this free poultry house plan you will be saving yourself a bundle if you had to buy the same thing at your local agricultural supply store.

If you have had a look at it, and it still doesn't quite match up to expectations, think about converting an old child's Wendy-house into a chicken house. You will be amazed at how easy it is to convert.

There are several designs available; with your free chicken coop plans to build, but if you need some others, plus some further information on keeping chickens see below - Enjoy!

Your Free Chicken Coop Plans in .pdf can be downloaded here.  Here are some more chicken coop plans. These coops for chickens are of the following dimensions:

Chicken coop 20 foot x 20 foot

Chicken coop for 50 - 80 hens

Chicken coop 8 foot x 8 foot for 15 - 20 hens

See the .pdf for plans for chicken coops.

chicken coop plans

If you like the above plan here is another option: Here you can get to build a variety of chicken coop plans including a barn-type chicken house and run.

OR this chicken coop is one that can be built in just 3 days, along with access to 50 chicken coop plans Get your 50 Chicken Coop Plans here! Plus extensive information on raising chickens.

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We have other resources on chickens that may be of interest to you.  Bantam Chickens are ideal to keep if you live in the suburbs. But then if you want to keep chickens just for eggs then you need to know the right chicken breeds for egg production.  

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