Disappearing Bees; Where Have all the Bees Gone?

The disappearing bees has been a concern for those who are aware of the situation for some time. Where have all the bees gone and why are they disappearing. Well honey bees are disappearing because they are dying. Why?

The article below on disappearing bees gives you one theory for the reduction of our bee population. It was written by Matthew Silverstone, the author of "Blinded by Science". And if you get the chance to read this book, it will probably change your life forever and the way in which you view the world.

Matthew spent 2 years researching a cure for his son's chronic fatigue. During this time he discovered many other things along the way, including the fact that everything in the world vibrates, and this has a direct effect on every living organism. A fascinating book, and worth reading.

Disappearing Bees are Getting Lost

Here lies the problem; honey bees at the moment are dying in their millions. Yet they are not dying in their hive or near to their hive, the bees are dying because they are disappearing. Hives are not full of sick bees, they are empty, bees simply leave their hive one day and fail to return. Scientists don’t where they go or why they disappear.

Common sense would surely offer up a simple explanation for this, the bees must surely be getting lost; there cannot be any other explanation as to why a bee would fail to return to its hive, let alone all of the bees.

Disappearing Bees - How can they get Lost?

honey bee
Where are all the Bees?
So how can a honey bee get lost? It was a very sad fact to discover that most experts do not know that bees are in fact homing creatures. Scientists readily accept that lots of other insects and birds have homing abilities, but not bees. If they did acknowledge this fact then it would be easy to figure out why the bees are disappearing.

I discovered the fact that honey bees have homing abilities when I read in a bee keeping journal written in 1902 about a bee keeper who accidentally moved his hive to clean it whilst the bees were out foraging, only to discover to his horror that every single bee that returned landed on the spot where the hive used to be and died on the ground, lost. The hive had only been moved 2 meters away and yet the bees could not find it. How is this possible? Almost every bee specialist today suggests that bees use chemical and visual navigation signals to find their way home, but if that were the case they would have been able to find the hive if it had only moved 2 meters away.

The only solution to why the bees landed on the empty space where the hive used to be located lies in the idea that the bees were using a navigation system that told them exactly where their hive used to be. This works on the basis of a natural "internal satellite navigation" ability similar to the one we now have in all of our cars and mobile phones. Bees use the natural electromagnetic signals that are emitted by the earth to navigate home.

The Logical Cause of the Disappearing Honey Bees

So, let's look at the bee’s disappearance logically. Would the most obvious cause of the bee’s inability to navigate home be most likely to be caused by a navigational issue and nothing else? The one obvious issue that could cause an interference with electromagnetic signals could be other electromagnetic signals. This seems blinding obvious to me. Every single police force and army in the world use jamming devices, we know they work, and we know how they work.  We can artificially emit jamming signals to interfere with existing electromagnetic signals. So why do we not think that this is accidentally what we are doing to the bees - jamming their signals so that they can’t find their way home.

All you have to do is think about how many mobile phone masts have been introduced and compare that to the timing of the bees disappearance to quickly realize this is blatantly the only reason why bees are disappearing.

Research into the Disappearing Bees

Do you want to know something else that is terrible? There is no virtually no research whatsoever being conducted at the moment into this relationship. It seems that it is not politically correct to do so. Therefore, until we get a scientific U-turn the bees will continue to die out and scientists will carry on with their cosy funding regime looking into issues such as viruses and pesticides that will never find the solution to this problem.  In the meantime the countryside is being devastated by the lack of pollinating that the bees normally undertake.

Written for Countryfarm Lifestyles by Matthew Silverstone Author of Blinded by Science

If you want to learn more about the disappearing bees, how everything vibrates, the health of plants and how they react to people around them, more about water and its properties, a long-forgotten but fascinating scientist Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose an Indian scientist who invented machines to make plants grow at a faster rate - and worked - then you will want to read more on these theories that will go beyond the norm. Is it crack science? Read Blinded by Science, and you be the judge! Read the book - it will change your life!

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