How to Make Healthy Homemade Dog Food with Recipes

Bake quick and easy homemade dog biscuit recipes and dog food that is healthy for your pet. Making your own homemade pet food means saving money and knowing what goes into their food.

So What Does go into Commercial Dog Food?

I recently learned what went into dog food and it turned my stomach. We have a fairly young dog of about 5 years that we rescued from the local pound at the time.  But no matter what I fed her, she would suffer from terrible gas all the time. Not only was it unpleasant for us, but it was also causing her discomfort.

So what was in this commercial dog food that could be causing her such problems. Well, the corn filler for a start does no good, and I read that if I added yogurt to her dry food, that the probiotics would cause her less gas. I don't know why I didn't think of that myself as we feed our chickens yogurt on a weekly basis for their good health.

However, when I read an article on the shocking truth about what goes into dog food I was more than just shocked, I was disgusted. In short what goes into dog food are the following:

1. dead pets that have been euthanized, some with their toxic flea collars still attached
2. dead zoo animals
3. dead, dying and diseased livestock
4. supermarket meat past its sell-by-date still in its plastic and polystyrene packaging
5. road kill
6. old grease from restaurants

The list goes on. It appears that there is no time to take the packaging off the meat, nor the animals out of the plastic containers they arrive in. We all know how toxic plastic is. However, these containers and packaging materials are all thrown into the huge grinder, along with the dead animals and ground down into a find dust which is then compressed and made into your dog's dry biscuits and other animal feeds.

So, if you love your pets like I do, I certainly care as to what I feed them. Thus the reason for making my own dog food at home. Hopefully, you do too, that is why you are here.

A word of advice, when you make your own pet food, never feed your cat or  dog a high salt-food diet as this will affect the kidneys, and never feed your dog onions. Some dogs get anemic as a result. Garlic can also be toxic in some cases. And most of us are aware by now that feeding dogs chocolate can also be fatal in some instances.

Also, never feed your dog raw offal. The practice of feeding raw offal to dogs on farms and ranches can spread echinococcosis, a potentially fatal parasitic disease of animals and humans.

For a balanced diet your dog should be getting a diet that consists of 40% meat, 30% vegetables and 30% starch.


2 1/2 cups wholemeal flourhomemade dog biscuits

1/2 cup wheatgerm

1/2 cup brown rice bran

1/2 cup canola or olive oil

1 dessertspoon crushed garlic

1 tablespoon honey

1 teaspoon yeast extract


This is a very healthy homemade pet food recipe. Mix in a large bowl, stir with a wooden spoon and add a little water if mixture is too dry. Roll onto a cutting board and cut or shape into cookies. Bake in a hot oven (200ºC) for 30-45 minutes (or until hard.)  Cool and store in air-tight containers.


3 1/2 cups wholemeal flour

1 cup white flour

125 g minced steak

1 teaspoon Marmite, or other similar yeast extract (optional)

Place both flours in a basin and rub in mince. Mix to a stiff dough with water, roll out and put on oven tray. Cut into squares and bake in a slow oven. Add 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil if biscuits are for a puppy.


1 tablespoon of tallow

2 cups flour (either barley, wheat, rye, spelt etc.)

1/2 cup rice pollard

1/2 cup cracked wheat or porridge oats

1/2 cup blood and bone

2 teaspoons kelp

2 teaspoons yeast powder

Rub the tallow into the fry ingredients and add enough water to make a firm dough - about 1 cup. Press and roll onto baking trays. Score into small bite sized pieces. Bake well until hard in an oven set at about 180ºC. Cool and store in air-tight containers.


* 1 cup brown rice, cooked

1 kg chopped pumpkin, cooked

1 kg lean & boneless cooked chicken, beef or lamb (boiled)

1/2 cup mixed vegetables, cooked

1 cup water

1/2 teaspoon yeast extract such as Marmite, Oxo, Vegemite etc. (optional)

This is a healthy and cheap homemade dog food recipe. Mash the cooked pumpkin and add to the rice, along with the cooked vegetables. Dice the meat and add to the rice mixture. Add a teaspoon of meat extract if used. Make sure that it is not too hot for your dog when you serve it, and only serve what your dog will eat. Store the rest in the fridge for the second day.

* Rice is good for a dog when it has a loose stomach, however, try and keep feeding your dog rice down to a minimum as it is not a food that is easily digested by dogs.


1 large whole baked potato with skin on

1/2 cup mixed vegetables, cooked

1/2 kg lean, cooked meat (anything except pork)

1/2 kg pumpkin (pumpkin bulks up the food without adding to your dog's weight)

Another homemade dog food recipe you pet will love! Bake the potato and dice, leaving on the skins. Add the cooked mixed vegetables and the diced meat. Make sure that there are no bones in your dinner. Cooked bones are more likely to splinter and chicken bones are deadly to big dogs. All bones should be given raw.

Mash the pumpkin if used and add to the mixture. Serve to your dog.

Well, we hope that you have found our page on dog biscuit recipes and homemade dog food useful. If you have any homemade dog biscuit recipes to share of your own, please send us your dog biscuit recipe through our "Contact Us" page which can be found on our Home Page.


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