Free Quilting Patterns and Designs for Beginners

Free quilting patterns and designs for you to trace and use for your quilting projects. Ideal for Quilting for Beginners.


The three necessary parts of a quilt are the top, the lining or back, and the interlining . The top, which is the important feature, unless the quilting is to be the only ornamentation, may be a single piece of plain cloth; or it may be pieced together from many small pieces different in size, color,  and shape, so as to form either simple or fanciful designs. 

The quilt top may also be adorned with designs cut from fabrics of varying colors and applied to the foundation with fancy stitches, or it may be embroidered. The materials may be either cotton, linen, wool, or silk. The quilt back is usually of plain material, which requires no description. The interlining, if the quilting is to be close and elaborate, must be thin. If warmth is desired in your quilt a thicker interlining is used and the lines of quilting are spaced farther apart. The design of the quilt top and the quilting lend themselves very readily to all manner of variations, and as a result there is an almost infinite variety of quilts.

For convenience in making, nearly every quilt is composed of a number of blocks of regular form and size which, when joined together, make the body of the quilt. Each of these blocks may have a design complete in itself, or may be only part of a large and complicated design covering the whole top of the quilt.

For more instructions in detail see our page on how to quilt.

poppy quilting design

FREE QUILTING PATTERNS:DIAGONAL DESIGNS  (a) Single Diagonal Lines  (b) Double Diagonal Lines  (c) Triple Diagonal Lines

(a) Single Diagonal Lines (b) Double Diagonal Lines (c) Triple Diagonal Lines

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FREE QUILTING PATTERNS: DIAMONDS AND PLAID DESIGNS (a) Diamonds (b) Hanging Diamonds (c) Broken Plaid

(a) Diamonds (b) Hanging Diamonds (c) Broken Plaid

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(a) Rope (b) Shell (c) Fan

QUILTING DESIGNS rope shell fan

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QUILTING DESIGNS feather patterns

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Flower quilting designs and patterns

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Free pineapple quilting design

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iris flower quilting pattern

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