A Homemade Mincemeat Recipe for Christmas Pies and Mincemeat Logs

Mincemeat should be made at least a fortnight before you make your Christmas pies and logs, as the minced fruit needs time to mellow and improve the flavor.

This mincemeat recipes will make about 2 pounds. Make sure that you have enough sterilized jars ready after you have cooked up all the ingredients.

Why don't you have a look at our recipe page for Christmas Mincemeat Logs, as well as other pages for some easy Christmas recipes for you to try.

Homemade Mincemeat Recipe

homemade mincemeat in glass bowl4 oz currants
4 oz sultanas
4 oz raisins
4 oz nuts, chopped
4 oz mixed peel, chopped
4 oz dates (or extra currants if you prefer)
4 oz shredded suet
4 oz soft, brown sugar
1 large cooking apple
2 oz almonds
finely grated juice and rind of 1 lemon
pinch of ground cinnamon
1/8 pint brandy or rum

Peel, core and grate the apple, then mix it with the chopped mixed peel, currants, sultanas and dates. Stone and chop the raisins if they are the large ones and mix them with the rest of the fruit.

Add the suet, sugar and ground ginger and cinnamon. Chop the almonds finely and stir them into the mixture with the grated lemon rind.

Add the lemon juice and brandy or rum, then stir the mixture really well.

Finally pack it into clean, dry jars, cover the tops and store the mincemeat in a cool dry place until needed.

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