Free Mission Style Porch Swing Plans in Pine

Follow our free porch swing plans to build a lovely feature for your home with our Mission style Furniture plans.
Mission style furniture has enjoyed a revival these last few years, and many people enjoy its simple, straight lines and unfussy look, that is very similar to Shaker furniture. We hope that you enjoy the look of the porch swing below, that you might be tempted to turning your hand at making one yourself with our mission furniture plans.

the porch swing you can make from our free plans

A Mission-Style Porch Swing

Porch Swing Plans and Materials Needed

The porch swing shown in the illustration can be made of southern pine at a very moderate cost. It should be suspended by rustless black chains and eye-bolts passing through the lower rails. If cushions are desired they can be made up quite cheaply of elastic felt covered with denim cloth.

These pieces for your porch swing plans, dressed and sanded, may be bought at the mill or your local hardware store:

* 2 rails, 1-3/4 by 3 by 71 in., S-4-S.

* 1 rail, 1-3/4 by 3 by 65 in., S-4-S.

* 2 posts, 1-3/4 by 3 by 25 in., S-4-S.

* 2 posts, 1-3/4 by 3 by 17 in., S-4-S.

* 2 rails, 1-3/4 by 3 by 22-1/2 in., S-2-S.

* 2 arm rests, 7/8 by 4 by 28 in., S-2-S.

* 5 slats, 3/8 by 5 by 16 in., S-2-S.

* 8 ft. flooring for bottom.

* 2 cleats, 7/8 by 1-1/2 by 57 in., S-4-S.

Porch Swing Plans and Instructions

Plane and square the ends of all the rails and posts. Lay out the lap joints for the back rails and posts. Use a knife line for this and saw exactly to the line to avoid trimming with the chisel. When sawing be careful to cut exactly halfway through the thickness of each piece. In the same way make the lap joints between the front rail and posts. Have the two end rails exactly the same length and proceed to fasten the front and back posts to them, using 4-in. lag screws and washers. Bore through the posts and part way into the ends of the end rails for the lag screws.

free porch swing plans showing dimensions

Free Porch Swing Plans and Details

The slats are mortised 1/2 in. into the back rails, or a 3/8-in. groove may be planed in these rails, the entire distance between joints, to receive the slats. A rabbeting plane will be needed for this. The arm rests lap over the back posts and are held to them with 2-in. round-head screws. They may be fastened to the top of the front posts with round-head screws or dowel pins.

Ordinary pine flooring makes a good, tight seat, or 7/8-in. board may be used if desired. Fasten the cleats, which support the seat, to the front and back lower rails with 1-1/2-in. screws.

To bring out the beautiful grain of southern pine, stain it brown or black and finish with two coats of waterproof varnish.

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