Help with a Sick Chicken

I have just found your site, and as my fiance' and I are creating a small farm for ourselves, and, for older teens without parents or families, we need all of the advice that we can find!
We have a lot to learn about keeping hens healthy with organic 'good things' for them.

We want to make a nice portioned off yard for them, with nice healthy 'eating', to keep them healthy.

Right now,I have a couple of hens with a cough; and also, A sick rooster, with a cough, and a bit constipated.

He was in a pen with 3 hens- and they have not problems.

He also is very off balanced???!

We have him, in a cage, in our back room, where he sleeps during the night, and on nice days, he has a nice, big cage, outside beneath the carport.
He is such a sweetie! Can anyone offer any suggestions, PLEASE!

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