I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world

by Elize Buchanan
(Gauteng, South Africa)

"I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world." ~George Washington.

Good day to Everybody - Well, if George Washington was still alive today, I would grab that man give him a bear hug and a kiss on either cheek "French Style".

Imagine, working away on your land, nothing and nobody to annoy you. There would be no dog barking unnecessary, no overgrown trees from your neighbour whom you have to ask ever so nicely can you please trim your tree branches and to point out to him how the tree has damaged the dividing wall between the two properties.

Some city dwellers have no idea about a home owners responsibility. It is a great idea to start a bee hive; those precious little sweet darlings can come and go without any bother.

We have noticed there were hardly any bees in the fruit trees and could also not understand the situation. Honey is already very expensive and we should do something to preserve the bees. I found the article re the disappearing of bees very interesting.

The article about the Neem is excellent, good reading. The way to go! Much fun was made about the Nettle recipe; my husband was reminded about the time when they landed on top of a Nettle bush with thorns and the agony he experienced at the time as a boy!

Country Farm Newsletters is the best on the web. So informative and up to date as well as packed with information.

I planted shallot bulbs; could not find any seeds. Big controvesy which give the best results; bulbs or seeds?

The French believe they grow the best shallots, now the Dutch are crowing about theirs and the Italians think because all their vegetables from Tuscany is unbeatable, yet my husband said that Spaldings from Lincolnshire grew shallots years and years before the French announced this little onion and its great potential for the cooking industry.

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated regarding this onion, looking forward to a response.

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