ounces weight or liquid measure in making-soap

ounces weight or liquid measure in making-soap

Hi, when you use ounces, is that by weight or measuring it in a cup?


If you are serious about making soap then you should invest in a digital scale that weighs in tenths of an ounce, or in grams, or in both. A postal scale is one type of scale that can be bought at an office supply store, and are fairly inexpensive.

Having said that, I have also made soap successfully just by measuring out the ingredients using a measuring jug that is measured in ounces.

Remember, today we often over-complicate processes like making soap or cheese that have been made for centuries before us very successfully before modern contraptions like scales and thermometers were even invented!

Have faith in your own judgement and ability and don't get hung up wondering whether your measurements for making soap are out by a fraction this way or the other.

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