survial in the wilds today

survial in the wilds today

by kindle

How to survive in the woods today.

Ya'll want to know how we use to live. I know. And have known for most of my life.

I hunt and fish without a gun or casting a rod. I skin them critters, tan their hides and sew skins into clothes and moccasins.

I can build a good warm wikkie up that will last for years. I know herbs, and wild edibles. Ya'll folks! Jez! You don't know how to live!

This here thingie I'm typing on is a pain. Don't like it. Don't need it. Bet ya'll don't know much about makin' a dried mix of meat, wild ground nuts, berries or how to grow a patch of maize an' pumpkins, beans and squash the way US Indian folk did - an' preserve it.

Oh well, Think I'll head back out in the woods and forget you folks.

You are absolutely right! However, if folks like you don't share what you know with folks like that, then they will continue to be none the wiser.

Please feel free to write in again and tell the rest of the readers how you do things and how you survive in the woods today.

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