What is Agriculture? It's Bigger than you Think! Is Homesteading worth it?

What is agriculture? Do we really understand how important our farmers are to us, and how wide their efforts affect every part of our lives? Is homesteading worth it?

Agriculture - Bigger Than you Think

Agriculture is a word many people use, but do they really know what agriculture means? Do they know what agriculture involves? Do they know how important it is to our country and how it impacts each of our lives?

The work of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock is the definition of agriculture ("Agriculture"). The goods produced and the means by which they are created vary greatly. Agriculture has been an essential part of American life since the foundation of our country. However, many people do not realize that many aspects of human life depend on the numerous types of agriculture.

When the word agriculture is first heard, some people think of corn and cattle; however, this is not all agriculture is limited to in today's society. Farming is the most common form of agriculture. There are many types of farms specializing in various areas. The most common type of farm is the cultivation farm. On these farms much of the United States' main sources of food are produced.

Livestock farming is the second most common farm type. Animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, turkeys, chickens and ducks are raised on livestock farms. Horticulture farms producing flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables, aquaculture farms specializing in aquatic species production and apiculture farms specializing in bees and honey are other types of farms common in the United States.

Agricultural products are used by each of us everyday. When our alarm clocks ring in the morning, they are most likely made of plastic derived from corn or soybeans. We then go to our closets and pick out our cotton clothing to wear. Next is breakfast. We grab the carton of milk and the box of eggs, which come from dairy and poultry farms. Soon we hurry out the door to a vehicle powered by ethanol. At lunch, we open our lunch bags and pull out a bologna sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Also in our bag is an apple. At home we make dinner, honey glazed ham with beans, and sugar cookies for dessert. Everything we eat is an agricultural product. As the day ends, we crawl under our wool blankets and go to sleep not thinking that the many things we did today involved agriculture.

26,783 United States citizens were employed through agriculture in 2006 (United States Department of Labor). Some of these jobs include farm labor, management, retail, veterinarians, engineers, scientists, researchers, and bio-technicians. These jobs keep agriculture a successful and booming business and have a significant impact on our country's economy.

Agriculture affects many aspects of everyone's life and also offers many career opportunities. In the future, agriculture will be more important as our country grows. Agriculture certainly is bigger than you think.

About the Author: Katlin Wiest is a 14 year-old from Pennsylvania, USA who won $1000 from the Agriculture Council of America-sponsored 2008 Ag Day essay contest entitled, "Agriculture—Bigger Than You Think."

She lives on a beef farm where her father raises beef cattle, grows corn, beans, wheat and hay. And aside from being a budding writer and aspiring large-animal veterinarian, "I have what my parents call 'a small enterprise,'" says Katlin. "For 4-H I raise sheep, goats and dairy steer to show."

Source: The Progressive Farmer

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