A cup of beer works on slugs and snails

A cup of beer works on slugs and snails

by Jaime
(Phoenix, AZ. USA)

Countersink a cup in your garden soil so that the rim is just above flush. Fill it with beer at least half way, but not to the rim. Slugs will be attracted to the beer and fall into the cup and drown.

Beer definitely does work, I have seen the results first hand, so thank you for that, Jaime. You can also just use cabbage leaves, which saves any digging if you are a lazy gardener.

Place them in and around your vegetables and flowers so that they are facing up, fill with beer and leave them until the following morning. You will find a lot of previously happy, but now dead slugs in your beer-filled cabbage leaves.

You can also trap them using a damp terracotta pot. Place this on its side, buried under a thick layer of mulch. In the morning, pull back the mulch and take out the slugs and snails. Either feed them to your ducks, or dispose of them yourself.

If you keep ducks and geese, they too will keep your slug and snail population down.

Encourage birds, frogs and lizards into your garden as they too like to eat slugs and snails and help you in your quest to keep your garden free of these common garden pests.

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Apr 17, 2014
Snail Catcher
by: AnneMarie

I have found also that a hollowed out shell of a watermelon works like a dream to collect slugs and snails.

Just fill it with water and set on the ground, or bury it part way.

When it fills with snails just cover with dirt and you have compost. Save the beer for drinking! Ha ha :)

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