Additional Thoughts on Self-Reliance

Additional Thoughts on Self-Reliance

by AnneMarie
(Oak Hills,CA )

Being diligent about recycling, composting, and re-purposing you can eliminate your trash bill. I did just that.

I take my own canvas bags to the store. Made my own compost bins. Bought a paper shredder and shred junk mail, newspapers, cereal boxes and cardboard food packaging.

You can compost more things than you ever thought imaginable. Where there's a will, there's a way!


Whatever kitchen scraps you have there are many uses and you right, there often more to compost if we just gave it some thought.

I sometimes feed the chooks kitchen scraps that may also go on the compost heap from time to time or even give to the earthworms I am cultivating at the moment.

Don't forget too to put your vacuum cleaner contents on your compost heap too. A great source of all good things here.

For those of you who do your own composting and you also keep bees here is a good recipe to help break your compost heaps down quickly:

To a bucket of hot water add the following:

1 oz nettles
1 oz chamomile
1 lb honey

Mix and leave to stand overnight. Add to your compost heaps. Cover with plastic and your compost will be ready in 6 weeks. No turning necessary.

You can also add some seaweed extract to the mix as this will also help in the breaking down process.

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Sep 18, 2012
Self Reliance
by: John

All in all good advise.

However there is a caution here as well for adding the vacuum bags to the compost heap. The vacuum bag could have nails or needles or other small sharp object like glass pieces.

If there is a way for me to pick them up my vacuum it sure does. For this reason I do put my bags in the dump bag.

Of course you could always put a magnet through the contents first. That would at least take care of small sharp metal objects.

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