Aggressive mini pig

Aggressive mini pig

by Michelle
(Queensland Australia )

I purchased my miniature pig when he was two weeks old. He is now three weeks old. My two little dogs don't get on with him. They growl and go for him.

He is now aggressive towards them and also myself. I have bruised bite marks on me and as much as I try to stop this behavior it is getting worse.

I don't know what to do as it is disturbing the whole household and my dogs are now scared of him.

I love him dearly and he has bonded with me really well. But now when I try to move him away from me he bites.


Michelle, I am no Dr. Harry, and perhaps this is a job for him rather than this website. :)

All I can think of is that he has found the move into your household rather stressful and he is the one who is scared.

First of all, he should never have been removed from his mother at such a young age. Pigs are weaned at around 3-4 weeks. 4 weeks being better than 3. Your piglet is suffering from weaning stress with no protection from his mother.

As a result he is stressed and scared. He is scared of your dogs and of you and that is why he is acting out like this. It is self preservation.

I suggest you separate him from the dogs immediately and try and find a quiet spot for him to get to know you better.

He may well have never been handled by his breeders and so hasn't been socialized. As a result he doesn't understand that when you touch him, you mean him no harm. He has to get used to being handled.

He should calm down if placed in a quieter environment, with few threats, over the next few weeks.

If he doesn't calm down you may have to have him castrated, which should make him less aggressive, but you need to address the other issues first as these are the real problems facing you.

Only after he feels more secure should you then reintroduce him to your dogs, and only one at a time.

You will have to work hard at this as pigs and dogs don't usually make good companions. If they were cats, that would be completely different. Pigs and cats get on well together because cats are quiet and don't upset pigs like dogs do.

All the best!

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Feb 10, 2013
Thank you for Helping me with my Mini Pig
by: Michelle

Thank you so much for your answer. I did think he was a little young to be taken off his mum. Since I wrote to you things have calmed down quite a lot. My dogs have backed off and BJ my pig has become less aggressive.

He has been spending more time outside and a little at a time with my dogs. I should have noted that when he bit me it was from trying to stop the fights and being scared. I have started to use a squirt bottle which is helping a lot. My dogs although still unsure what this new addition to the family is are accepting him some more!

I was told by the breeder that he would eventually bond with the dogs but would take some time. My female Maltese has always been a bit aggressive towards other dogs etc out of protection and fear. She was not socialised when she was little as I got her when I was very sick. My other dog a moodle has always been gentle as a lamb.

I really appreciate your comments.
Thank you



You are most welcome, and glad things have settled down.

It sounds as if you are on the right track and that things will all work out well in the end.

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