Amish Funeral

Amish Funeral

I think that they have something there with the funeral belief.

Can someone, not Amish, request the same type of funeral? Or is this another law, that would require an attorney? I'm sure their funerals, do not cost 10,000 to 20,000 as ours do.

I don't want my family to spend this for my funeral, as I also believe I am no longer there after my death....

You have complete control as to what happens to your body after your death as long as you stipulate this in a will, left with a lawyer that would make it legal and binding.

In this document you could state what songs you would like sung, readings, type of coffin, budget, etc.

Of course, you could also donate your body to science which would then be a win-win situation.

Really, each to his own and if this is bothering you now, do something positive about it while you still can.

I do hope that you will find a solution that will be acceptable to all concerned.


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