An Organic Farmer from India

An Organic Farmer from India

by Arjun Jadeja

Hi. I accidentally came upon your site, and I realized I had stumbled upon a treasure trove.

After working in an Advertising agency for 7 years,I gave it all up to look after a farm I had inherited.It is a 60 acres riverside farm in South India in the state of Karnataka.

I have lived and farmed here for the last 25 years.I grow sugarcane, corn, wheat, sunflower, vegetables like brinjals,onions and chillies.

Of late I am concerned about the river getting more and more polluted every year.

My neighbors are highly dependent on chemical fertilizers. They use a lot of harmful pesticides. These cause cancers and other serious illnesses.

The information you give out is excellent. So let us reach out and save our earth together.

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