Animals and Poisonous Trees

Animals and Poisonous Trees

by Catherine Lyon
(May TX)

Are there any fruit trees that I need to worry about with my animals?

I know that horses should be kept away from walnut trees, but I am worried about my donkeys, milk cows and pigs.

I would like to plant the regular fruit trees, but also an avocado tree, a pomegranite tree, and an olive tree. Are these trees poisonous to the animals?

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Feb 07, 2011
Animals and Poisonous Trees
by: Countryfarm Lifestyles

Hi Catherine

The following trees, including fruit trees are poisonous to horses and other livestock:

* Cherries of all species
* Red maple
* Horse chestnut
* Black walnut
* Black locust
* Peach & Plum
* White, red and black oak
* Yew

Of course you are only asking about trees, but there are lots of weeds and grasses that livestock will eat if they are there and you need to know what there are too.

I am giving you a link to follow which is very informative on this subject and gives you images so that you can identify some of these poisonous plants for livestock

Olives and pomegranates are not poisonous to livestock.

The leaves, bark, skins and pits of avocados are toxic to livestock including horses and cows. Some people feed their chickens avocados with no ill-effect, but others don't because of the above.

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