Apple Cider Uses on the homestead!

Apple Cider Uses on the homestead!

by Sharron
(Evening Shade Ar. 72532)

I read your story and was so happy for you.

Recluse Spider Bite.Poisonous snake bites {copperhead},scorpions, hornets,bees, anything that stings. Apply RAW GARLIC to the bite for 24 hours. Be sure to bandage it with heavy tape to hold it on. Then remove the old garlic and replace with fresh garlic.

Our small dog got bitten on the nose by a copperhead snake, the vet said she would die. So I washed her bite with household ammonia, shaved the hair so I could apply tape to hold the raw garlic on the snake bite. I gave her 1/2 benadryl tablet to open her breathing passages and help her sleep.

The next morning she was alive and healthy. No swelling, convulsions, or any side effects.

Garlic is a miracle plant with so many benefits, people just don't know. My husband and I have an 80 acre farm in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.

We are still working 3/4 of the year. It's quite a way of like. I hope to be reading more of your articles.

Thanks Sharron


While Countryfarm Lifestyles certainly agrees that both garlic and cider vinegar are wonderful solutions to many illnesses around the farm, if you are bitten by a poisonous snake, we suggest getting medical treatment as soon as possible, and as a first option.

With Sharron's little dog, she had sought the help of the vet who gave her no option but to revert to alternative medication rather than try nothing at all. We are very happy to hear that garlic was so successful against the copperhead bite. Garlic is indeed nature's antibiotic.

Countryfarm Lifestyles

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