Best Crop Yield Secret

Best Crop Yield Secret

by Kevin
(Green lake Wisc. )

I'm from Wisconsin and a couple of our fields were hard to grow on this year. The ground was hard and our yield had been decreasing.

We tried several different things to take care of this problem until a rep from Amway came and gave a demonstration in our community of a couple different products. It was the APSA-80 concentrate which is formulated specially to help oxygen reach the routes of your plants AND IT REALLY WORKED.

They did a demo where they had cardboard and when you poured water on the cardboard it would roll right off the side. But with the concentrate and advanced oxygen delivery system that is literally built into the formula of the concentrate water was able to penetrate right through that cardboard.

The other thing we did differently was using at nutriplant AG which is a liquid foliar nutritional supplement which helps your plants reach its full potential genetic yield.

We saw a 10% increase in our crop yield. If you dont believe me or want a demo go to and talk to the guy that helped turn our farm around.


I am adding this to the site to dispel this and also because there are better ways to use as a wetting agent and to improve the soil, namely through the elimination of chemical fertilizers and through the application of compost, seaweed, blood and bone, cover crops and farmyard manure.

I certainly wouldn't advocate the above endorsement of these AMWAY products for several reasons.

First of all, because it is chemically based not natural, and more importantly it is not safe if swallowed. The ASPA 80 is made from 1-Butanol which is a hazardous material dangerous if inhaled, causes eye irritation if it splashes into your face and therefore you need to wear safety glasses and you need to use this product in a well-ventilated room.

Finally, ASPA 80 is harmful to marine life if it enters rivers and streams. Do I need to continue?

The other factor against this product is the price. Basically this is a wetting agent to help fix herbicides and fungicides.

A much cheaper and more environmentally friendly wetting agent alternative is to mix 20-25 ml of shampoo with 50ml of pure coconut oil. Mix it thoroughly. Add to the spraying item and mix well. This 75 ml product is sufficient to add with 100 L of spray. Some people prefer to use washing up liquid instead, however, shampoo is better as it is pH neutral.

Anything that isn't safe if swallowed accidentally and you are applying this to soil and plants for eating purposes puts a big question mark on that product.

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