Best Skin Cream for Wrinkles & Anti-Ageing

Best Skin Cream for Wrinkles & Anti-Ageing

by Ms. Hussain

Best Anti-Ageing cream in the world, and is completely natural.

4 parts Olive oil
2.5 parts shea butter (refined works best)
1 part grapeseed oil
Half part avocado oil
Quarter part jojoba oil
1 part rosewater or orange blossom water

This recipe is brilliant as a moisturizer and if used after bathing, leaves the body very soft and moisturized.

Basically it has all the benefits of oil but in the form of a cream so is very easily to apply.

Only need to use a very small amount because it is very concentrated. Cheap to make because all the ingredients can be bought from most retail outlets except for shea butter and jojoba oil which is optional.

Shea butter can be purchased quite cheaply now on the Internet and provides the basic ingredient that will turn the oils into a cream.


In a bain marie (or a small bowl over hot water) place the shea butter with the olive oil and heat until it is completely melted. Take off the heat and add the other oils. Stir really well with a whisk. Slowly add the rosewater or orange blossom water whilst it is still very warm.

Now, as it cools, it will start to harden. In order to speed up the cooling, place the bowl in a fridge or somewhere really cool and keep whisking every few minutes until it is whipped up into a beautiful cream.

If the mixture is allowed to cool naturally, this can take up to 3 hours to cool and whip up but if placed in a really cold area, it really speeds the process up. Very important to do a lot of whipping.

The cream/body butter lasts easily for over a year if kept in normal cool conditions in a clean jar, it will melt if placed somewhere hot but still works if you use it on your skin.

All the ingredients have a natural preservative action so it does not need any preservatives but keep an eye on it if you make a batch to make sure there is no contamination. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that will aggravate skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

You can use other oils and almond oil works really well as the main ingredient. It is a really brilliant recipe and especially good in cold weather and for anti aging. If you reduce the amount of shea butter you can make a body milk but you might need to experiment a little.

Great for presents as you can buy jars very easily online and make up your own labels and paste it on the jar. Retail of similar products are very expensive.

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