Bunny Bite

Bunny Bite

by Dustin

While I like the idea and am currently using it. My one year old was bitten on the back of her foot by one of the rabbits. Make sure your kids have boots on!!! It's a very nasty bite. She is fine but we took her to the doctor anyway.

We bought our rabbits from an out door flea/farmers market. So we did not raise the bunnies from birth. She had sandals, again bad idea.
Sorry to hear about your daughter. Bunnies bite for all sorts of reasons.

Most of the time, rabbits bite because they feel threatened in their space. It is their only defense mechanism, and they use it!

Others may bite because they are bored, have raging hormones, haven't been properly socialized, or because they have been badly handled.

Raising rabbits from birth, where they are handled daily, and properly socialized will give you a far better bet, than buying them off a stranger at a market.

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