Camp in the cold and have the world to yourself

Camp in the cold and have the world to yourself

by Mark

If you enjoy the outdoors and like privacy try camping in the winter. Especially if you go "car camping" where you drive to your camp such as in a park or private campground.

Another advantage is there are no bugs to bother you in the cold, that is a real plus.

If you backpack such as in the mountains do make sure you know what you are doing. Backpacking in places like that is wonderful but you need quality equipment; a good tent and a very good sleeping bag.

Stay away from down bags, it is the warmest in good conditions but if it gets wet you will freeze. Rather get a good synthetic insulated bag.

Shoes are another critical thing. Make sure your shoes are well insulated and NOT leather. If leather gets wet it won't dry and you will suffer, again synthetic is better here.

If you want to really avoid people and bugs go when it is well below freezing. It is also easier to keep warm.

It might not make sense at first but it is easier to stay warm when there is no liquid water, snow bounces off, instead of soaking in. Dry at 10 degrees is much warmer than wet at 40.

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