Can we clip chicken feet feathers?

Can we clip chicken feet feathers?

Hello...I have two pet Pekins in the garden and due to the wet weather this year they have got very dirty trousers on their feet.

We tried cleaning these feathers. However as soon as they go out again they are dirty.

Can you cut away the feathers on their feet? Or would this hurt the bird?

Many thanks!
Kate, cutting chicken feathers is not a good idea, especially if the mud is not bothering them.

I have 2 Brahma girls that also have feathered feet, and at the moment we have been inundated with daily rain for more than a month now. I am on clay, so you can imagine what the chicken run looks like! However, I have been monitoring their feet, and so far, so good.

If you do see mud balls that are getting big and bothersome, just soak the feet in warm water until you can pull them off.

If you have access to wood chips, putting a 2 inch layer of wood chips in the chicken run, edge to edge, helps to keep the mud problem down.

Just make sure that they are just wood chips, and no bark is included, as this harbors spores that can be harmful to your poultry.

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Dec 02, 2015
Clip Feathered Feet
by: Anonymous

Hi, we have a barbu d'Uccle bantam rooster with feathered feet. Over the summer we noticed the feathers on his feet getting longer and longer, some 6-7 inches long! I took him out and held him in my lap with hair-cutting scissors trimmed them. Just be careful not to cut them too short or they may bleed, just like flight feathers. He walks much easier now. Good luck.

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