Cheap Seeds from your Spice Racks and Store-Bought Vegetables

Looking for cheap seeds? Read Gypsy's entry on where to look for your next planting season. She tells you where to find herbs seeds and vegetable seeds for half the price.

It's that time of year when most of us are checking our mail boxes daily for the new seed catalogs wondering what to try in the garden this year.

Budgeting in seeds isn't as hard as it sounds. There are a few things the grocery store doesn't want you to know. For example, you can buy a pack of about 10 bean seeds that are common type and nothing really special for around one dollar. Sometimes more. The herb seeds you have been spending 2.00 or more on, are really about a dollar for 1.4 cup rather then the 1/4 ounce you are used to paying for.

Here is the magic trick. Find your beans in the bag ready to cook. All those beans, even the fancy ones, will sprout. Herb seeds like celery seeds, caraway, fennel, dill and the rest you are used to buying on the spice rack.. you bet ya! They will grow.

cheap seeds bought from stores

Seeds for Free

Cheap Seeds from the Bag

It's really cheap and easy and gives good variety when you buy your seeds, not in the packet, but in the bag. Mexican food marts or any store that has a Mexican isle normally carries a wider variety of chillies (seeds included) beans, and herb seeds than the normal shopping mart. Start looking around where you shop and I bet you will find those free seed catalogs are costing you more money then they are worth.

On the other hand don't save seeds from store-bought vegetables. They will not grow well the first season and not at all the next.

Growing Seeds in Coffee Grounds

Don't forget to save your coffee grounds to help your cheap seeds get started in the house before it's time to plant. Normal people toss their coffee grounds out. I mix rabbit poop and coffee grounds in a non-conventional way on top of my plants. I just dump it there and it mixes in when I water. Goat poop doesn't work so well as it sprouts. Don't ask me how I learned that!

Chicken poop smells up your house. Another tidbit I learned the hard way - coffee grounds is the way to go. Then in the summer you can put a few earthworms in those larger house plants and they will use those grounds to the best advantage. I know most people don't have worms composting coffee in their living room but, I find it pleasant and the top of my plant soil doesn't look old and nasty. It's a dark brown that looks like its almost fake it's so perfect.

Well...until next time, let the snow fly where it will.

By Gypsy, our resident homestead blogger from One Sky Ranch

Gypsy's Wanderings Homestead Blog

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